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Here we observe the incredibly popular winstrol steroid and its distinct “character” traits – commonly used by those who wish to solidify strength levels whilst operating on a calorie reduction. Users who are already lean will also find that it improves their muscular hardness to a respectable extent too.

Winstrol: Steroid Profile

Stanozolol pills (the variant of this product we’re looking at today – there is also an injectable option) are highly renowned for their ability to help users optimise their progress whilst following a strict fat loss phase.

In regards to information about winstrol, there is plenty on offer, being that it is one of the most widely used substances in the world of bodybuilding/gym going in general.

It was formulated originally to assist with the protection of fat-free mass for those who suffer from wastage related issues – it saw a considerable amount of success within this capacity too.

It was due to the fact that it was able to effectively sustain levels of lean tissue regardless of the diminished state of the rest of the body that those within the performance field turned to it to “cement” their physiques. 

It soon turned out that winstrol also works tremendously well in regards to keeping the body’s power capacity in place even though those using it are often not taking in an excess number of resources.

Interestingly, lean tissue was also accentuated due to an enhancement of one’s overall “dryness” when they possessed a low body fat level. When combined with the other traits on offer – it was really destined to become an “obvious” choice for those in the “on-season” aspect of their training.

As an accessible and relatively “easy” compound to work with, this product has found its way into both male and female user cycles due to it being highly effective for either sex.

Whilst it would never appear in the off-season stack of a male user, it is one of the most useful gaining agents for a female. Anything that offers mild properties for a man is usually more than powerful enough to grant favourable results for a woman.

How To Take Stanozolol Tablets

Stanozolol 10mg pills are easy to ingest, but they are not the only component needed to perform an effective “in-season” usage window with.

In conjunction with your substance, you also need some form of liver protection to grant you the best chance possible of avoiding any internal toxicity.

Those who cycle recklessly soon realise that this component isn’t an optional one, and overlooking it will likely lead to all manner of problems arising.

In order to properly integrate this item into a productive structure, it’s important that you adhere to the guidelines coming up in the following section.

Winstrol dosages vary greatly depending on sex and experience levels – no matter what you may have been told in the “locker room”, you simply cannot assume that you know what’s appropriate for your own body based on anyone else’s advice.

A winstrol cycle length will also vary depending on whether or not you have used the item before – those who have little experience need to apply it over a minimal period as opposed to adhering themselves to the maximum time window.

If you sensibly take the information laid out in the next section on board, you’re likely to have a smooth and hassle-free time using this product. Neglecting it in any way can and probably will result in physical declination of some form or another.

Winstrol Dosage For Beginners

In this section, we’re going to observe winstrol doses so that you can safely and effectively use this item without facing any problems along the way.

Before we proceed, it’s absolutely vital that you incorporate some form of cycle supplementation for two primary reasons. Firstly, this item can diminish the organic output of hormones. Therefore, a “booster” is needed to bring levels back in line once usage has ceased.

Secondly, protection is needed in regards to the liver in order to safeguard against toxicity and potentially long-lasting damage on this vital organ. Failure to incorporate these elements is likely going to see you hospitalised in a worst case scenario.

For male users taking this item as part of a bodybuilding capacity, a dose of 50mg per day will provide more than enough benefit (at least initially) for the majority of people.

This dose would need to be taken over a period of no more than 6 weeks should this be the first time you are using it. Do not go beyond this 6-week mark as a “first timer” as it’s crucial that tolerance is assessed.

Those using winstrol 10mg pills for the second time around onwards (provided no issues were encountered on the first go around) may take up to 100mg over a period of 8 weeks maximum.

Female users must integrate an intake of 5mg per day during their first usage phase, with a maximum of 10 per day for subsequent cycles. It’s absolutely imperative that these directions are in no way ignored to guarantee safety. 

There are a couple of different winstrol formats – please be aware that the information provided here is for the pill form ONLY. Do not try to apply any of these principles to the injectable version.


Winstrol Pills For Weight Loss

Winstrol for weight loss is surprisingly common being that many people hear this product being mentioned alongside the likes of targeted fat burning items like clenbuterol – but it isn’t a particularly effective fat burner per say.

Whilst it’s true that any substance designed to preserve or grow lean size is going to spike the metabolism somewhat, that doesn’t mean to say that every single one of these substances can actually directly intervene in the fat burning process.

Winstrol can affect weight loss results by showcasing the body in an altogether “leaner” light – by keeping tissue in place, this means that as fat levels reduce (somewhat as a result of there being more calorically demanding tissue present in fairness) the available mass on display is greater. As a result, the individual looks leaner.

Another reason why it aids in this goal is because it actually improves general dryness and muscular density when the individual in question is already at a low level of body fat.

When you synergise all of the above elements together, it’s easy to see why people would associate this item with being useful for fat burning.

The truth is – it’s almost always taken in conjunction with a calorie deficit and other products to optimise the metabolization of fat cells. It’s easy for people to THINK that winnie is the culprit when in actual fact it’s simply serving to optimise the body for being displayed in a “fat-free” state. 

Benefits For Athletes

In truth, it’s actually an athlete that’s going to get the most noticeable results out of taking this item. Whilst it provides noticeable but still fairly marginal results for those who are aesthetically minded, it makes a tremendous difference for those in the physical performance field.

The benefits of winstrol pills are useful for bodybuilders somewhat coincidentally – they weren’t necessarily designed for use within this capacity.

It’s the regeneration and sustenance of tissue and strength levels within the body whilst it is under a period of extreme physical stress that makes this a near-perfect substance for a performance athlete to take.

When you consider the very nature of physical sports, there’s almost no aspect of their structure that cannot be positively impacted via the safeguarding of strength and mass, as well as the enhanced regeneration of the body in general.

That’s why oral stanozolol has become such a popular feature amongst these circles – it directly and very overtly makes an individual far more physically capable of performing at a high level over sustained periods of ti

The winstrol positive effects within this setting are doubly remarkable as they are also nigh on untraceable without a dedicated test to “oust” the user. Size won’t noticeably change, and that’s why it’s easy to slide this product into the regime of an untested athlete. 

Side Effects List

This item isn’t without its faults (no substance is after all)  – winstrol side effects do exist.

They largely relate to the manner in which this product can decelerate organic hormone production – this is something that ideally needs to be addressed via supplementation to restore it.

Some other side effects of stanozolol include male hormone specific issues such as the development of nasty skin problems and even baldness – this is truly unlikely, but it’s best to have anti-androgenic support on hand just in case.

Overall, winstrol 10mg tablets will provide you with a safe platform to either develop your muscular visibility or improve your sports performance via an enhanced level of sustainable power output. 

Either way; it’s a winning compound.

Package 100 tablets (10 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Stanozolol
Common name Winstrol

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