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Ordering :

You must create a acccount and be logged in if you want to open a TICKET SUPPORT, otherwise you will not be able to contact us.

If for some reason you can't loggin your account and can't recover your password here , just re-create a new account with a new E-mail address (we advise you to use a GMAIL address for being sure that you will get all our Emails such as the verification Link).

The SUPPORT TICKET is the only way to get in touch with us, please avoid answering update Emails that are sent automatically from our site. We are no longer answering to EMAILs.

We are a genuine retailer of Valkyrie-Pharmaceutical.Com product's line. Valkyrie has become the most famous brand in the Anabolic Steroids black market, and we are proud to be their biggest retailer.

The orders take place only through our website and the shopping cart. We do not accept orders through E-mail.

Our server is under the responsibility of a dedicated professional team where their main task is to secure and make sure that all is working in perfect condition in order to offer the best shopping experience. Our database is entirely encrypted, it's impossible for a third person to intercept our customer's information. You may notice that our website is SSL-HTTPS secured (Green locker in your navigation bar), very few websites in our market offer such securities to their customers. We give a priority to discretion and ensure the highest anonymity to our clients.

We are shipping to all countries.

As we are shipping from various locations, our success delivery rates are strongly dependent on that factor. To help you evaluate the risk of seizure, here is our % seizure risk ratio based on our shipping experience...

Customers Based in USA / EUROPE / Dubai / Qatar: Guaranteed that there is NO seizure risk 0%

Customers from Japan: 15% of chance of seizure risk

Customers from Canada, Australia, South Korea, Switzerland: 30% of chance of seizure risk

Rest of the world please inquire by opening a ticket.

No, we do not require a minimum order.

Pending / Awaiting Payment info: Order confirmed, we are waiting as you are providing the "PAYMENT INFORMATION" for your order.

Withdrawing Money: Your funds are being withdrawn at the bank.

Awaiting Bank Wire: We are waiting for your bank transfer to reach our bank account.

Semi-Shipped: One or several items is missing to complete the shipment of your order. You order might have been shipped partially and the remaining of the order will be shipped as soon as we restock. In some cases, the whole order is being on hold if several products are out of stock.

Shipped: Your order is fully shipped; a tracking number is available in your account at "ORDER HISTORY".

Payment information Wrong!: The information you provided about your payment is incorrect or does not match.

Just place a new order, no need to contact Support. The old order will be automatically deleted by our system after 10 days.

Yes! Our system automatically dispatch Email at each step of the ordering process ( ORDER PLACED / PAYMENT INFORMATIONS RECEIVED / ORDER SHIPPED )

Payment :

-Bitcoin: Our preferred method and we strongly advise you to use it for a smooth & fast ordering process.


No, we don't! And it's impossible for a real steroids merchant to offer such payment options. We are not selling Amino Acids nor Pro-hormones. We are selling real anabolic steroids.

Log in to your account and make sure to submit the ''PAYMENT INFORMATION" form. If you don't, we will be unaware that you paid your order and it will not ship.

Cash Transfer MoneyGram and WesternUnon : (Minimum order of $200 required)

MoneyGram and WesternUnion are time consuming for us and expensive...That's why we requier a minimum order of $200 for being able to pay with this method.

WesternUnion & MoneyGram are worldwide companies that allow you to send money easily. Visit one of their locations near you to proceed with the payment of your order.

We strongly advise you to pay as soon as possible after you place your order. If you didn't pay and submitted the payment information within 48 hours, contact the support in order to get the last updated receiver list. We are switching the receivers information everyday.

Proceed to the payment only in person at their local Branch. If for some reason you decide to use their Online Service, they will probably block the transfer and hold your funds a few days prior to refunding you.

Absolutely! If you are unable to proceed with the payment at WU or MG in person by yourself, you can send a relative to do so. Make sure when filling out the "PAYMENT INFORMATION" form to write the full name of the person who sent the funds.

Unfortunately, it happens often. Once a receiver has withdrawn too many funds, he gets blocked by WU/MG. This security measure is pertaining to WU/MG, we have no control over it.

In that scenario, if we can't pick up the funds, the status of your order will be updated as "PAYMENT INFORAMTION WRONG" and an E-mail will be dispatched to you with instructions to fix the issue. Those instructions are also available in your ''ORDER HISTORY" in your customer's account on our website.

Bitcoin : (Our preferred)

Bitcoin is a virtual money, providing great advantages, its Fast, Secure, Anonymous. Using Bitcoin will allow us to proceed with your order quicker than WU and Bank Transfer.

You can purchase Bitcoins with credit cards on You will need to create an account there.

Place your order and select bitcoin as the payment method. Buy the necessary amount of Bitcoins according to your order TOTAL and transfer them from your wallet to our Bitcoin address you received from us at the Check Out page.

NOTE: We only accept BITCOIN, do not send BITCOIN CASH, it's a different virtual money. Sending BitcoinCash to our BITCOIN address will result in a loss of funds!

Make sure you submit the "PAYMENT INFORMATION”. If you do not, we will be unaware that you paid your order!

Who paid the order? (Full name required): YOUR NAME.

Your Country : Your country.

MTCN Code or Blockchain ID or HASH : Paste here the (BLOCKCHAIN TRANSACTION ID OR HASH), to find out your Transaction ID check below,

- If you use Coinbase Wallet check this (Click HERE)

- If you use Wallet check this video (Click HERE)

Exact Amont To be Received (if you paid by bitcoin let us know the amont in ฿) : example: 0.05489 BTC (do not write the amount in USD, we obviously know how much was your order in $).

Wich of our receiver you sent funds to ? (Only for WU payment Method) : nothing it's only for WU method. You are not concerned.

Special Comment (Optional) : ...

The Transaction HASH (ID) is a long code that help us understand if a payment belong to you or not.

Its a long serie of numbers and letters that looks like this :  afdefkghlsf45456fdze404f9dbbc1417dc97e789edd0c37ecda88bac490434e367e

For Coinbase Wallet users, please have a look to the video below to find out the HASH of your Transaction :

For Wallet users, please have a look to the video below to find out the HASH of your Transaction :

Make sure to submit the Transaction HASH while filling the payment information form after you sent your Bitcoins.

Shipping & Delivery

Please be aware that heavy delay might occur during the pandemic virus of COVID-19. We noticed important delay in delivery  from the postal service.

For this specific reason, we will consider a parcel lost if it hasn't landed within 65 DAYS after the shipping DATE.

This is meaning that you can expect a reship of your order only 65 DAYS after the shipment of your initial parcel.

We want to remind you that, you can follow up your parcel as soon as it's shipped via this link

We hope you will understand the exceptional policy change during this exception situation, we advise to always place you (complete cycle) order long before your planned cycle in order to avoid any delay or shortage.

Stay Safe !!

Anonymity is our priority. It's impossible to guess what the parcel contains and from who it's coming from since we do not write our company name anywhere on the packaging.

We do not ship to China and Estonia.

We ship from various location including North America and the European Union.

Once a payment is received, we ship within 24-48 hours on business days.

ETA is up to 31 days (usually 2-3 weeks).

Keep in mind that these are "estimated numbers". We have no hands over the courier company that is going to deliver your parcel.

Once your order has been updated to "SHIPPED", you are requested to keep following your Tracking Number on If your parcel is not delivered after 31 days from the shipment date, please select "OPEN A TICKET" and get in touch with our support team. Delays happen and are often due to (Bad weather, strikes, overload of postal network etc.)

Shipping Cost are $20 fixed rate. No matter how big or small they order is, that is what shipping is.

Please allow 1 or 2 business days for your tracking to be updated on, if it doesn't, we might have made a typo with your tracking number, so you need to open a SUPPORT TICKET.

Yes, because we ship it with a tracking number, you will have to sign upon reception.

Note: If you do not want to sign for your parcel, please specify it in the order comment "NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED” but be aware that your parcel will not have a tracking number, and you will be unable to follow it. Also, if we ship with no tracking, our reship policy will not apply in case of lost parcel.

Issues and ReShipping Policies

No problem, damaged orders are fully covered by our reshipping policies. Prior to opening your parcel, take a picture of the Pack (Front and Back). Open it and take a picture of the broken items. Once you d, open a SUPPORT TICKET, and make sure to provide us the concerned order ID#.

Orders that are returned because you made a mistake while filling out the delivery form will be lost. We use a fictitious return address due to the nature of the business. You will be not covered by our reshipping policies. Takes your time when you Check Out your order to fill out accurate information!!

Note that our reship policies DO NOT COVER parcel shipped to a business address, only order to your personal address. Using a business address to receive your GEAR is at your own risk!!

Usually, if you are not at home, the courier company will leave a receipt for you to pick it up at the Post Office. The Post Office usually keeps parcels 15 - 20 days prior to returning it to sender. Since we provided a tracking number, you are under the obligation to track your parcel and make sure you are present to receive it or pick it up at the Post Office. Remember, we are not selling candies, so make sure that this does not happen.

Following countries are not covered by our reship policy, if your order is seized:

Australia, Canada, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Jordan, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, and Sweden. We can ship to these countries and we have delivered to them as well with success. We just can't reship if it's seized.

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