Valkyrie – About Us

Satisfaction is the key word our customers associate with us, and it’s easy to see why; since the moment we first broke onto the scene, we have been committed to going above and beyond in every area of both anabolic product sale and production.

About Valkyrie Online Company

We felt that shopping online for steroids, peptides, cycle support and even the simple day to day necessities like alcohol wipes and sterile vials was unnecessarily complicated and risky owing to the dangerous online climate.

As such, we set out to manufacture the highest grade produce humanly possible to ensure maximum sterility and concentration in every compound batch we shipped out to our customers

In conjunction with this, we made a highly accessible online platform for our prospective customers to browse through our high-grade items; both of these elements combined together to establish Valkyrie online.

We now serve thousands of happy customers every month who come to us time and time again to fulfil their every anabolic need.

About Valkyrie Lab And MR Pharma Lab

Our popularity increased to such an extent that we launched a second company; MR Pharma.

You’ll find the same high quality production standards being adhered to across both sites in all of our laboratories, albeit with a slightly different product line being offered on each platform to ensure that your every need is met.

Our lines have all been produced in accordance with the all-important GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines and come to you following rigorous batch tests to guarantee optimum safety every time.

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