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Outstanding experience! The Nolvadex was exactly what I needed. Fast shipping and top-quality.
Legit steroids at great prices. The Arimidex I ordered was perfect for my needs. Highly satisfied!
Top-notch! The Masteron I bought is potent and effective. Excellent support from the team as well.
Highly recommend this store. The Anadrol delivered powerful results. Great communication and fast delivery.
Outstanding service and products. The Primobolan is high-quality and effective. I'll be a repeat customer.
Great products and support. The Clomid was perfect for my post-cycle therapy. Highly recommend this store.
Fantastic results with the Whey Protein and BCAA. Great prices and quick delivery. Highly recommend Valkyrie-Online!
Amazing results with the HCG I purchased. Fast and secure delivery. Will definitely buy again.
Excellent store with genuine products. The Vitamin supplements have improved my overall health. Very happy!
Superb customer service and high-quality products. The Winstrol gave me the results I was looking for without any side effects.
Reliable and trustworthy. The Clenbuterol helped me shred fat quickly. I'll definitely be ordering again.
The Nandrolone I bought is the best I've used. Reliable and fast service. Will be ordering more soon.
Fast shipping and authentic products. The Testosterone Enanthate provided great strength gains. Very happy with my purchase.
Valkyrie-Online is the real deal. The Boldenone helped me achieve my fitness goals. Excellent customer support.
Impressed with the quality of the Cypionate. Fast shipping and excellent customer service.
Great experience! The Trenbolone I ordered is legit and powerful. Valkyrie-Online is now my go-to supplier.
Very pleased with my purchase. The Enanthate worked exactly as advertised. Great supplier!
First-time buyer here, and I'm impressed. Fast delivery and genuine products. The Anavar worked wonders for my cutting cycle.
Exceptional quality and service. The Pregnyl I used was effective and well-priced. Five stars!
Excellent service! The quality of the Dianabol is top-notch. I've seen significant gains in just a few weeks. Highly recommend!
Just bought a $35.00 test kit to check the quality of ParaPharma Trenbelone and it came out outstanding color match. I assume that means it’s completely legit. I will continue ordering from this site until something goes wrong.
No question about it. Best place to order from. And I appreciate the help from support team when it is needed. Very professional and courtesy.
There are a ton of websites out there selling gear, and over the years I have used 4-5 of them and I now only order from Valkyrie. Their customer service used to be hit and miss years ago, but now they respond right away. I only pay with Bitcoin and I only order Para Pharma products and I have never been disappointed. They conform receipt of the funds I send them within 5 minutes, then my gear always ships out within 48 hours and I get it about 8-9 days after that like clockwork. Last, and certainly not least, the quality of the gear is 100% as my gains would testify to.
Client depuis 5 ans et toujours au top meme en cas de soucis . Jamais déçu, produit de grande qualitée
I love the variety of products and manufacturers. Always available as well.
I would give these guys 1000 stars if i could i have never felt so safe when ordering online . So ordered parabolan .(love it) and Hgh one came the other did not make it .before i could say anything i recived an email saying a new order has been sent out . I would not know what to do if i would not have found you guys . Valkyrie takes the worry away when ordering . And i felt safe when paying . So in my Book these great folks get 100 stars from a super happy 50 year old male . You guys made my year i send you all the luck and fortune in the 2023 .and i allready put in another order . And prices are great . And products are A++++++ all the way .
Again Thanks guys and Happy New Year !!! Best regards M.S
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL .... Ok i ordered a few things one of them came and the other did not go true . With out anything from my part they sent an email and said Re sent . My orders where parabolan and hgh ... im 50 and kicking ass
If it had 100 stars i would give them a 100 in a heart beat . I have never felt so confident about ordering online . As i do when i order from this company . There Amazing and if you write an email to ask something ... fast responses every time and if something get lost or you know .;) there is a new order going out before you know it . I love these guys and never been so satisfied as i am when i put in my orders at Valkyrie. . You guys are Amazing and im looking forward to ordering every time .
So i give them 1000 stars and ..eng is my 3 th language so if any miss spelling for that i apoligize again Thanks Guys for the best experience and i allready put in another order . Love you guys. Hope this helps anyone whom are worried to order anything online . Cheers
Excited I found this company! I wasn't too sure at first, but it ended with a good outcome. I was very pleased with what I received and it being delivered on time. Customer service was also great and responded to all of my questions. I will be using this company from now on. Use, rrq2m for a discount!
Honestly one of the best experiences I've had to get my gear on time. Their guide for shipping is very clear and the timetables are extremely accurate (in some cases you receive the product earlier than expected!). The products are really top tier. Valkyrie and Para Pharma are some of my favorites. Highly recommended!
Always great product. I’ve only ever used para pharma, but once you know something works why try another.

Shipping is usually great, but occasionally I’ve had to wait a while, but I know that isn’t this sites fault.

I’ve had my testosterone checked and it’s always above 1k, which means it’s working, I haven’t had a way to check my levels of Tren or Deca when on those cycles since I don’t think I could get results unless I took them to a private lab, which I might do. But I would say that it’s all been legit from my results… I notice my muscles are harder and dryer on Tren and more water retention during Deca. So it all adds up.

I can’t believe the boy coin sale price!

All in all I’m very happy so far. Just placed a new order and hope it comes quickly.
Fidèle client depuis quelques années, rien à dire produit legit et en cas de pépins le sav est efficace
I've tried Valkyries test e 250 , sustanon 300, Tren e 200 and the anadrol 50mg tabs there all top notch products and will help reach your goals my referral code is ioy6y for 20% off your order
Used Deca and exemestane from Mr.Pharma and product are legit and work great !! Price are excellent as the quality
enter the code 0QFS1 to have -30%
Good reopening of the store
Valkyrie products are top quality, always satisfied with results. 30% on your order code GYWI9
Valkyrie has worked great . Used Bitcoin and shipping went smoothly. Also I think they do a decent job describing the products and usages.
code 7CM12 got me 20% off, and the products were exactly as described.
Items always come through during covid 19 I thought I'm not gonna get it these guys come through take ill longer but it not there fault.
Great products and even better customer service. Never has let me down and any issues have been handled with the utmost care. Best in the business and will always have my business.
Small order to try quality. I'll never order from another store again. Valk is top tier!
I put small order to give it a shot... will never order from another place again. Valk was top quality!!
My first order, fast shipping, no problems... Discount code 7U22U
Hot price with promo


To have - 30 % !!!
I just placed my first order today for Hgh. Friend told me these guys are great. Will update soon!
Quality products for a reasonable price with the code OJXCB (-20%).

Should I add more?
Absolutely awesome and definitely true to your word and the real deal
I started using clenbuterol Para Pharma pills 6 weeks ago now I loss 17 pounds with a good workout everyday. I see the results. I'm very happy with my purchase

I’ve been using this Test E valkyrie in TRT for the last 3 years. It IS the stuff!! I just feel awsome.

I’ve always loved Valkyrie shop and have been a customer for years.
I'm Loving the HGH...I feel so much younger! Use the following code to get 20% off your next order: 8SMRE
Great Testo. Great feeling. Totally worth every penny imo.. On my way to try more :)
Fast shipping and well sealed package.
Get 20% off on your order by using the code OJXCB

valkyrie ON TOP!
Gym is my religion and this shop my sanctuary... So when I'm saying you doing GREAT job u better consider your self very good!!!
I m running valkyrie testo E and Trenbolone E ! I feel like a beast, i would chew a hole through a f*cking wall!!
A low cycle of Test Cyp (as TRT) Helped me reduce soreness and maintain muscle.
I put on 15 lbs of lean weight using Testo P and Masteron. Dont get fooled you must Have the right diet and training. Going for the next level now..
Love it...
dope products! Quality is there, effectivenes is there, service is there, Keep it up!
Fast replies to my questions, helpful support team. Thumbs Up!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent job in any aspect.. You earned my trust and my money XD YOU ROCKKK
guess no one can move you from the Top guys! What a teamm.....
Got my order in a few weeks and everything is good.
I had a break from roids, about two years. Just gym and good diet and now came back. You guys are still here doing great! Kings never die ! Just had my first order after a while
and slowly coming back to be BIG again... :)
I’ve used these many times— they work, if you work!
Fast forward: I've been using Susta with Masteron for a month now, and I cannot... CANNOT get over how great it is! I promise you won't be disappointed! At least for me everything went Well..!
I saw results after 2 weeks of using Anavar. I was taking 2 pills before and after workout. I can say that after two months of using it i'm happy with what I see and sure I will try more
of your products!!
Look no more.... VALKYRIE IS THE ANSWER!! enough said!
Very satisfied with the products and the service, I recommend!

Get 20% off on your order by using the code: OJXCB
Fantastic support got a issue with shipping that got fixed timely.
Also I recover from workouts so much easier and faster when I stick to nandrolone. Love it. Great gears!!!!
One of the most known and trustable place out there.. Difficult to find good suppliers nowadays. They take care good of their customers! Thank you boys!!!
Honestly the only time my parcels were coming a bit late was during Corona... Service on TOP. Discretion, Support, Quality!
Love these products.. Always reorder
Good Gear, Fast & Discreet Delivery, Top level customer service !! They are GTG (definetly))!!!
Best Shopping place on the market!
There was a bit of a hold up with the package getting here but against all odds it finally made it. Great customer service and kept in contact with me the entire time and were willing to correct the issue if package was lost. Class act and great products.
Got my order faster than i expected, considering im living in the USA. Clean products and discretion..!!!
I gained some real muscles with Dianabol and Anavar... These products worth their money 100%. Not even bother to look around, best quality is HERE!
my last order got lost, found out it was post office's mistake! They replaced them free of charge, guys rocks !!
Been ordering for awhile based on a recommendation from my trainer. Great muscle gain and helps recovery.
Definetly G2G!! I run their gears since years and had only just good results ... Don't go anywhere else, these guys know their job and sell the best gear out there !
can't get enough of this stuff, especially when i'm on a cut.
I had no problems ordering and got what i wanted. The price was good as well.
WILL BE a regular customer as long as this website is UP!

Fire performance, BIG Muscles ???? Huge chest, Everything Huuuuge! the best shop in this market!!!!!!!!!
Got my order fast even during this CORONA sh*t, Very consistent and reliable company. Love them!
love the fact that it gives the results needed during and after my workouts. I would definitely recommend to someone as it was me. I look and feel great.
good, good and also they have a good Support wich is always there to help!
Never stoped shopping from you the last 2 years! enough said..! Toooop
Valkyrie is an awesome company. I got my order sooner than I thought. Thank you! Continue to be the best.
Did my research and found out that the lab that has the least complaints is Valkyrie... I do runs some Valkyrie gear and so far got insane results, strength, weigth and libido went thru the roo
roof.I'm also very satisfied with the delivery time.
Well, i ve ordered several times before and all my parcels came within 10days... My last order shipped on December 10th has not yet been delivered. According to them during Xmax period the post transit is overloaded and it shouldn't take long till i receive it. I know its not their fault and keep tracking my parcel that they provided me. I always been sastified of the supps they offer, i had always but great gains !!
Everything worked well for me... Great Job
Buying from here for couple of years. Love it
I placed my order easily, paid with Bitcoins and received a discrete package timmely . Just the way i wanted it.
4 orders till now and I'm going for my fifth one.. Good shipping but not always on time.
I've used most of the products that are listed here. I dont have anything bad to say. Everything worked smoothly for me. I can say that i like a bit more Valkyrie, but also
the rest of them are worth the try ... Trustable site!
You Never disappointed me.. Always the same quality, clean stuff! Plus you offer easy payment ways!
Sometimes you keep some products out of stock for a long time but if you fix this you'll have 10/10.
Shipping part is a very important and it goes most of the times very well considering I'm living in a small town out of nowhere. BTC payment is a plus as it is fast and discreet..
I've gotten great results!! Extremely happy, will be buying again once I run out
Gear is legit I and (you) will order again, again, again , and you know what ? again !!
You wanna get BIG? you are at the right place. i can say Great quality coz of the extremely good results i had.
Definitely my favorite shop so far. i Keep stocking for a upcoming competition -wish it was a little cheaper but they lasts awhile and you know what you're using. But definitely worth it!

I prefer to invest in something good no matter the price than to buy cheap quality products. At least I can say you are doing
very good discount with referrals...
Testosterone Boyz all the way by my side no matter what. Best team ever! A+++++
If you are looking for a good place to buy your stuff, you are on the right spot! Give these guys a try and you will not regret it.
My order was as described and arrived quickly. Helpful team, easy and fast payment!
arrived as promised and on time
Best Gear, Best Delivery, Best everything !
my co-work out buddy introduced me to this shop & i am glad! I'm feeling full & pumped all the time.
I was very excited to receive this product! As I see everyone used this particular brand. Especially after reading a lot of the reviews. most of the things i bought worked well for me
except some small side effects. But they were expected! For sure it is a remarkable shop that is worth the try!
I can confidently say that these are some of the most reliable supplements on the market.
Mye and my guys use most of the times Valkyrie and MR PHARMA and we love it. They're a little pricey tho. But you get what you pay for! A++++
Been buying from the same shop for 4 years now! enough saiiid!
This is my 3rd purchase from here. Works very well. I have actually put on a decent amount of size with you.

Their stuff works fast...
On my blasts periods I'm having Trenbolone / Testo / dbol i put on a significative amount of muscles, im dense and hard as fuck
Like Arnie was saying ''Dbol is the breakfast of the champ", i can guaranteed that their dbol is the best breakfast you could have if you are looking to put on some real muscles !!!
Sometimes my orders come fast, Sometimes a bit slower ! Anyways i love their gears !
LOVE their Dianabol... is one of the best, if not the best! Taking this I am able to work out hard every day without breaks. Highly recommended!!
Also, being older than most beginners (38 yo), I have to care for the joints as well, so the benefits are appreciated!

These are amazing productss
The thing that I like with them (and i'm customer since years) is that they always keep thing up with their service and communication, theses guys are real pro!
You guys have products for any kind of needs... Plus; Quality, BTC payments, Variety of products
My BEST Team! Happy dealing with you!
Great results for sure. Very trustable place!

Good stuff and great price
Whenever I had a problem with my orders or with products, support was there to help and answer my questions! Bitcoin as payment menthod is also a BIG Plus for me!
I have tried many shops out there in past. But i have to say those guys rocks....
I was looking for quality gears from a reliable place... i found it!!
Good Gear good T/A. I'm located in Europe.
Don't bother to look anywhere else! Best team with High Quality Product!!!! Top! A+++++
I put 3 stars because two of the vials wasn't so good wrapped and one broke! except this accident everything was good... They were very wiiling to send it again.
I used Test E 250, Deca 300 and Bold 400.. They worked great and saw noticeable results after a few weeks.
shipping was fast btw..!

These are the best products if your trying to put on muscle and lose fast! I have been using them for several years now and wont ever stop....
As a national level body builder I've used most of their products and I know that works. It's a staple in my supplements and these guys ship it to me quick at a great price!

Shopping here for years. So far had never got any real problems except some delays and 1 time mistake which been fixed, they are always here to help...
Some products could be cheaper but here you can trust the gear you gonna shoot in! Probably the best source out there!
Here you go with 4/5 stars cuz there's always a gap for improvement.. XD Favorite store! smooth communication and payment.
Running their Test with some Tren A, got leaner and stronger. Having some sleep issues due ti heavy sweating with tren wich means Good quality for sure!
First product i've tried was Valk Anavar, i noticed good results, I have also tried a couple more stuff! So far so good!
Really good stuff
I will write my experience using your products for the last 6 months. First of all I'm satisfied by the servise and the shipping (european citizen), it never took more than 10 days to get
my order. Now when it comes to the quality of the products i can say that at the begining i wasnt so sure for the effectiveness, though it took me half a month to see the
first results, but now i can say for sure that you are one of the source out there with products that are real! You earned my trust guys.
da beeest!
Price is good, products is good, service is good, What do we need more ?
Great products, with Great results.
Products here are good to go
Supeeer!!! I feell safe buying my gears from ur site! 5/5
I'm losing my fat and turning it into energy and I'm very happy with these products I can definitely
see results Within a month and I feel a lot better as I can see my muscle tone coming in.
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