Valkyrie VALKYMIX-B 400

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Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml
Boldenone Undecylenate 200mg/ml


Testosterone Cypionate With Equipoise

The use of Testosterone and Equipoise, most often together, are both very commonplace in athletic circles, particularly amongst those using it to boost their aesthetics. Indeed, this combination was made famous by its implementation by some very well renowned aesthetic athletes.

This is why the above formula can make a very useful addition to the regimen of many of the above-mentioned populations, as it combines both of these well-implemented items into a single formula, which can be administered together in a single sitting.
This can thus aid users in preventing higher soreness and discomfort with continued and regular administrations, as is going to be the case in the above circles.
The use of the Testosterone Cypionate version of the drug also helps when creating the above formula, as its gradual processing time, once taken, resembles that of the other ingredient, allowing a synchronous administration and consistent effect from administration to administration.
The inclusion of Equipoise has also been reported to be very tolerable and effective for periods where mass accrual and force capacity increase is the objective.
So, for an efficient, more tolerable, and cost-efficient means of getting these two items into your program, this mixture can be an effective choice.


How To Use Testosterone with Boldenone In Cycle


As mentioned in the previous section, the use of these two chemicals is best suited for periods where the aim is to accrue size and force capabilities. This is because the use of these items will help the user gradually accumulate these attributes but also with a significant degree of concurrent adipose tissue and fluid build-up.
So, needless to say, that this hardly makes it the most ideal chemical for those wishing for physique optimization or a high mass-to-power output ratio, and is better set for the goal listed in the above paragraph.
The administration of Testosterone Cypionate would usually take place once every week, due to its approximate eight-day half-life, in order to obtain and maintain maximal levels of the substance in the blood.
The same is reportedly true of Boldenone Undecylenate, with once to twice weekly administrations.
This can be done for periods of up to 8 weeks or longer due to its gradual nature, further emphasizing a benefit of a combined mixture and reduced need for administration. As far as taking it is concerned, it is carried out much like other similar items, through an intramuscular injection, commonly in the side shoulder or buttocks.
So, in an overall picture, it can be easily recognized why this combined formula would have a higher preference for the singular forms for the populations looking to use it to reap its many perks for accentuated attribute development.
This is why we've decided to provide such an item for your inclusion, in order to help you save your cash and enjoy a more tolerable period of use. It is also possible for you to check on previous experience of the use of the product with independent reviews, which is handy for the newcomer to these chemicals.
It can be gotten here with an electronic request and easily brought to you once the request has been fulfilled for added ease, so you can just begin implementing it in your regimen with no further hassle. This is obviously a plus for many of those who, until this instance, were getting their necessary items from bricks-and-mortar sources that many times lacked this ease and transparency with solicitation.
So, with the above in mind, it is clear that this avenue and item may suit many in the above circles when pursuing their aims.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Blend of: Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg/ml; Boldenone Undecylenate 200 mg/ml.
Common name Valkyrie Mix B

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