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100mg/ml Testosterone Propionate 



How To Buy Testosterone Propionate Online


You can buy testosterone propionate online from a plethora of different E-retailers; it’s one of the easiest products to get your hands on, owing to its level of “notoriety”.

Sadly, its popularity also makes it one of the most counterfeited products on the market; with this element comes an enormous risk of everything from contamination to outright impurity.

A test prop 100mg injection (as the name implies) is supposed to contain 100mg of the active compound per vial. One of the major problems you’ll have when shopping online is that you have no viable means of testing your product for purity and concentration.

As a result, you may pay what you deem to be a “bargain” price, only to receive something that’s fairly useless for any practical purpose in the process ‒ that’s, of course, assuming that you actually receive a physical item at all. There are many “false” storefronts designed with the intent of simply taking your money with no prospect of any goods being delivered.

Valkyrie pharmaceutical is a renowned supplier for the medical industry, and as you can see by our wealth of user reviews – what you see is what you get with us.

Every vial of testosterone p100 you receive is going to contain the exact concentration of the active compound stated on the vial (as proven by our rigorous batch testing procedures) and you’ll have nothing else to think about other than the results you’ll achieve.

We’ll shortly explain how to process your order, but first we’re going to outlay practical uses for this compound and how to safely administer it.



Testosterone Propionate: Intro Before To Buy


Testosterone propionate provides an all-encompassing platform for those who wish to achieve a range of goals including the development of lean muscle tissue, an increased strength output and even the reduction of body fat levels.

As it has been around for decades (almost as far back as the “modern” incarnation of bodybuilding itself) this product has a reputation for guaranteed results and safety that is perhaps beyond compare with any other compound.

We’ll first advise you on how to buy this excellently-balanced item before providing you with all of the relevant information you’ll need to administer it safely and effectively.


How To Inject Testosterone Propionate

A testosterone injection must be administered safely in order to not only achieve the maximum benefit, but also to guarantee protection from infection and other unwanted elements.

Many inexperienced users get this aspect of their cycle completely wrong. With a little practice, injecting is a simple enough process. However, there are several steps (and pieces of equipment) involved and not one of them can be overlooked.

Before you set out to purchase this product, you must first secure the following items:

  • A sterile pharmaceutical grade syringe
  • A sterile pharmaceutical grade withdrawal needle
  • A sterile pharmaceutical grade administration needle
  • A vial of testosterone propionate 
  • A pack of alcohol wipes

Should the above items be in place, you are then ready to proceed onto the administration process.

In order to safely inject your product, you will need to follow these steps:

  • First, wipe down your product vial with an alcohol wipe
  • After removing your syringe from its packaging, you must now attach the withdrawal needle
  • Once the withdrawal needle is secure, pull back on the plunger and allow a quantity of air to enter the syringe chamber that is precisely in line with the quantity of product you’re looking to use
  • Once you have done this, insert the needle into the vial and “inject” the air into it to balance out the internal pressure
  • Now withdraw the relevant quantity of your chosen product
  • Once withdrawn, pull back on the lever again and allow a small pocket of air to enter the chamber (this will ensure that no liquid spills out of the syringe when the needles are swapped)
  • You now need to switch the withdrawal needle for the administration needle (ensure that you cap your withdrawal needle and dispose of it when this has been done)
  • Once your administration needle is attached, thoroughly wipe down your injection site with an alcohol wipe
  • Slowly pierce the skin and apply pressure into the muscle until the needle has almost completely disappeared
  • Following this, pull back gently on the plunger; you should only see air bubbles enter the syringe
  • Should you see blood manifest, immediately abort and restart the entire administration process as this indicates you have hit a blood vessel
  • Slowly inject your product over the course of 30-60 seconds
  • Slowly pull the syringe away from the administration site before unscrewing and capping your administration needle then disposing of it
  • Wipe down your administration site one more time with an alcohol wipe to ensure sterilisation

Before buying test propionate; ensure you have thoroughly read through and understood the above steps – you’ll also need to ensure that you purchase all of the relevant tools to inject with.


How To Use For Fat Loss 

Whilst it may not be the first item on an individual’s fat burning list, a test prop cycle is actually very effective for reducing body fat, especially when taken during a cutting phase. 

Testosterone propionate 100mg vials vastly increase the body’s testosterone count overall, thus ensuring a surge in the release and utilisation of growth hormone

Growth hormone is vital for muscular repair and recovery, but it also affects the body's metabolic processes too and actively helps to “eat” into your fat stores.

When taken as part of a bulk, this can help to ensure that your gains are as “solid” as possible, but when taken during a cut it will simply help to enhance the overall fat burning effect on offer by other compounds being taken in your stack.

A propionate cycle will always have a positive effect on fat burning regardless of the phase it is integrated into for the above reasons.


Before And After: Results

Test prop results are always going to be positive, but whether or not you agree with that statement is going to depend entirely on your expectations when using it and the manner in which you integrate it into your stack.

A series of testosterone propionate injections are going to increase your anabolic processes in general and allow you to achieve a level of strength, vitality and (potential) muscular size that would simply be impossible when compared to normal levels.

As previously mentioned, it’s also a useful compound for actively burning body fat. It has to be said that both the strength and fat burning aspects are a bona fide guarantee when using this product, but the muscle mass development is going to depend entirely on a number of factors being in place.

First and foremost – an inexperienced trainee with no prior anabolic substance history would almost definitely enhance their lean tissue development when taking this product in isolation during their first cycle.

With that said, as soon as tolerance had been developed; the mass gains would slow down dramatically, and that’s if they continued to take place at all. Nutrition and training habits would of course play a large part in the likelihood of results manifesting, but ultimately the effects of this product would not be strong enough to deliver consistent gains.

If you integrated this item into a wider stack of anabolic compounds at this point, however, you’d definitely see a dramatic change. This is because test serves as the perfect foundation for increasing anabolic activity in general, thus making other products more effective when they are taken in combination with it. This is the primary reason (outside of an initial cycle for a first-timer) most individuals choose to use this compound.

Regardless of why you choose to buy testosterone, it’ll make a dramatic difference if you use it in the right capacity, at the right time.

Benefits Of Testosterone Propionate

We can easily sum up all of the benefits of test propionate 100mg injections by stating the following: 

  • It can improve self esteem and self confidence as a result of elevated hormone levels
  • Sex drive is likely to dramatically increase
  • Your ability to develop lean muscle tissue as a beginner will be almost guaranteed, and for experienced users it will improve other compounds efficiency
  • Strength and power output will improve greatly

Make sure you consider the cost of any other items you plan to use (as well as the necessary administration equipment) when you look at the testosterone propionate price as you will need to integrate these items for a full course too.

Testosterone is going to provide the user with a highly positive experience should they administer and integrate it effectively. Dosage guidelines are the same for any other testosterone compound and can be found elsewhere on our site.


Testosterone Propionate: Effects On Libido

Testosterone propionate results aren’t simply linked to mass and strength gains; it can also dramatically improve your sex drive too.

Known as the “male” hormone, it positively impacts all aspects of sexual health. You can expect to see a huge increase in your libido when using the propionate ester.

One of the negative test propionate effects however is that it can suppress natural release when used for extended periods of time (due to your body relying on a synthetic hormone source.)

Always ensure you follow the recommended dosage principles and adequately supplement with the relevant items post cycle to elevate natural levels again.


Buy Injectable Testosterone Propionate Via Valkyrie Online

You can buy testosterone propionate safely and securely from the valkyrie online store. Our testosterone propionate cost is the best value on the market for a guaranteed safe, effective and wholly pure product – our quality standards are simply unbeatable.

Simply type in the relevant product name in the search bar at the top of the page and look for the propionate variant. From there, add it to your basket and process payment.

We’ll then send your item out within 72 hours discreetly and securely. Feel free to take advantage of our excellent loyalty scheme with future orders to make enormous savings with subsequent future cycles when ordering this product or any other from our website.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Testosterone Propionate 100 mg/ml
Common name Testosterone Propionate

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