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Testosterone Cypionate 250 for Sale by Para Pharma

Bodybuilding is a serious business. Bulking, cutting, performance, strengthening – all these are highly required to make a successful career in the fitness industry. While the human body can naturally develop these qualities by working out and eating right, it comes with quite a number of challenges. So, bodybuilders prefer to take enhancers like synthesized Testosterone Cypionate 250 to facilitate the process and maximize the results.

It is always important to take note of the different esters of Testosterone before you purchase any. There is the undecanoate, propionate, enanthate, and cypionate. They all have similar basic properties but are unique in terms of their releasing time, half-life, and chemical structure.

  • Package: 1 vial (10 ml)
  • Substance: 250mg/ml
  • Anabolic rating: 100
  • Androgenic rating: 100
  • Chemical name: androst-4-en-3-one, 17-(3-cyclopentyl1- isopropoxy)-, (17ß)-
  • Molecular weight: 412.614 g/mol
  • Formula: C27H40O3
  • Manufacturer: Para Pharma
  • Half-life: 8 days
  • Detection time: 3 months

Basically, all these properties put together influences the rate at which the body produces the male sex hormone, the duration of its effectiveness, and how long it remains in the body.

Positive Effects

Test Cyp 250 is quite effective, even when run on its own. However, experts advise users to buy other compatible steroids to run it with in a stack. This would reduce its side effects and maximize the benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Rapid muscle growth and a more defined physical structure
  • Improves strength and endurance thereby making it possible for the user to train harder for a longer time frame
  • Reduces recovery time after an intense routine
  • Effective in burning fat while retaining leaner muscles
  • Works to protect the bones and joints by strengthening them and making it easier to take on tough activities

All of these benefits are attributed to increased production of collagen, a healthy rate of red blood cell production, a better supply of bone mineral contents, and increased levels of hemoglobin in the body. Remember, using of Testosterone Cypionate for sale without the right workout routine and diet plan would not produce these benefits listed above.


To buy Testosterone Cypionate in the right amount, you have to predetermine what your goals are and you will have to consider a number of factors in the process. Gender, fitness goals, diet plan, workout routine, level of experience, health history, and cycle are some of the factors that will help you decide. Generally, below is the recommended dosage.

  • Beginners: 200 to 300 mg per week
  • Intermediate: 400 to 500 mg per week
  • Professional: 1000 to 2000mg per week
  • Women: Not Recommended
  • Application period: 12 weeks up to one year

Considering the factors listed above, it is easy to understand why John’s dosage might be different from Jake’s. To get it right, you can consult a health expert.

Side Effects

There is a certain level of testosterone that should be in the human body. An increase in that would cause some amazing benefits and some undesirable side effects as well. That notwithstanding, these negative reactions are usually not intense and can be managed. They include:

  • Oily skin and acne
  • Water retention
  • Liver damage – hepatotoxicity
  • Soreness at injection sites
  • Abnormal hair growth
  • Mood swings
  • Decreased sperm counts
  • Headache
  • Prolonged and painful erections
  • Gynecomastia – breast tissue development in men

Note that Test Cypionate 250 should only be purchased and used by people who do not have a history of cancer, heart problems, liver failure, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and obesity.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Para Pharma
Substance Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/ml
Common name Testosterone Cypionate

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