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Anadrol: Steroid Profile

Anadrol is the strongest substance available for those who want to create a dramatic difference in regards to their power output and muscular size within an immensely small window of time.

Some consider this item to be the “king” of gainers, and it’s a title that it certainly deserves, being that it is genuinely unparalleled in terms of the impact it has on the body, especially from a size perspective.

It was initially developed as a means of significantly impacting the bodyweight of those who were struggling with wastage related diseases and illnesses – to this end, it was and still is devastatingly effective.

As a result of its tremendous impact, the gym going community soon “trialled” its effect within their specific and unique framework. What ensued was reported mass gains of anywhere between 20-30 lbs within 4-6 week periods.

This wasn’t the only positive trait that got picked up on either – it also packed a phenomenally powerful punch in regards to the development of strength. All in all, this high-impact substance was an immediate and huge “hit.”

Whilst we’re singing its praise (and rightly so) at the moment, let us not forget to state that it’s a truly dangerous compound in the wrong hands. It’s so strong that it’s simply not compatible with anyone other than an advanced user.

You shouldn’t buy anadrol 50 online under any circumstances unless you have a relatively in-depth understanding of the relevant cycle support treatments in conjunction with a decent level of tolerance to anabolic products in general.

You can order anadrol from us here at Valkyrie – we produce and supply what is easily the purest, most concentrated and safest variant of drol available anywhere on the internet.

Considering the potency of this item, please do not be tempted to spend your hard-earned money on a site without the considerable credentials we have – your health and wallet will thank you for it later. 

What Is Oxymetholone Used For

In a word - devastation.

If some products are considered “mild”, developed to deliver progressive and “steady” gains in size at an easily controllable and maintainable level, then this product is similar to a nuclear bomb in comparison.

Those who are in an off-season phase and want to develop as much size as possible within an absolutely minimal time frame will turn to this item to produce immense size.

Anadrol uses are resigned almost purely to the needs of strength athletes where bodyweight is unregulated or irrelevant, and bodybuilding circles where a tremendous surge in mass is obviously going to come in handy.

Anadrol 50mg pills are designed to provide you with the equivalent of one whole dose’s worth of this coveted compound – it simply means that you’re not going to have to “dissect” your pills or split doses.

For an aesthetically minded user, they’re going to love the impact the product has on their size, though they’re going to need to keep in mind that a little substance related “artistry” will be necessary to keep as much of the size they develop as possible.

For those performing strength competitions, this item will be a bit of a dream come true.

Being that aesthetics, (and therefore issues like fluid retention and general puffiness), have no place in a setting like this, and the surge in strength and size the product can deliver will be of tremendous benefit when it comes to shifting heavy loads – competitors within this field have every reason to love this product.

Keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility – that’s why we’re now going to explain how to use anadrol as part of a cycle and what to expect when you do.

Cycle Results

A typical anadrol cycle is going to comprise of a 50mg per day dose for a period of 4 - 6 weeks. Even at this minimal level, up to 30 lbs of mass can actually be gained.

This potential is by far superior to any other product on the market. Those who have used it successfully for a sustained period may take 100mg per day, but they must ensure that they do not use it for any longer than 4 weeks in this instance.

Anadrol cycle results are obviously going to vary massively from user to user, but one constant element is that both size and power are undoubtedly going to improve vastly.

You’ll definitely need to integrate protection when using oxymetholone – this aspect cannot in any way be overlooked, and it’ll be vital for your health. No support with a product like this definitely means your body will suffer tremendously.

This protection should come in the form of an estrogenic modulator, an androgenic modulator and a very strong form of liver support. This is one of the only compounds that requires such a “three-tier” approach to protecting the body.

Whatever you do, don’t assume that any of the above elements can be overlooked – they simply can’t. Ignore this advice entirely at your own peril.


Anadrol In Post Cycle Therapy

Do not use anadrol 50 for post cycle therapy. The results could be truly disastrous.

In one capacity, and one capacity alone could anadrol in a PCT framework be effective, and that’d be to boost testosterone. However, the potential risk in using this product in such a manner would far outstrip the benefit.

The aim of a PCT phase is to successfully avoid any potential estrogenic issues taking their hold on the body whilst simultaneously elevating one’s natural hormonal output again.

Oxymetholone certainly boosts the “male” hormone count present in the body, but for reasons unknown (there’s currently no scientific understanding in regards to why the following element takes place) it’s also tremendously estrogenic.

What this ultimately means is that whilst you may effectively support one aspect of this phase, you’d be causing potentially irreversible damage to another.

If for instance your “female” hormone count was high, and you then took this product – you’d stand a tremendously high chance of developing gynecomastia and/or other specific issues relating to a raised estrogen count.

All in all, it’d be highly dangerous. With the above stated, you need to be aware that you’ll definitely need PCT in regards to safely ceasing use of this product itself.

A hormonal modulator in conjunction with extensive liver support would definitely be enough for you to safely and effectively come “away” from this item without facing any lasting issues in the process.

Many (as scary as this sounds) are fairly “light” on their supportive elements – this is utterly reckless and foolhardy being that whether or not anything adverse happens is largely going to be down to luck.

You may hear people stating that they’ve never had any problems before in this regard despite not using specific treatment – but the fact of the matter is; they will eventually.

How To Stack Dbol And Anadrol 

Oxymetholone 50 works incredibly well with “bol” as part of an advanced off-season phase.

One item is without doubt an “intense” gainer, and the other is a more “progressive” one whilst still being fairly high-impact.

What you’ll get from this particular anadrol stack is a rapid surge of size and power that’s then further cemented by the use of the bol – the secondary compound “takes over” mass duties and continues the work that the first one started.

This is going to be highly intensive and definitely only for advanced users who can both tolerate high-level substances and also know how to protect their body against them.

Provided you fall into that category, there’s probably (almost definitely) no other means at your disposal that’s going to have such an immense impact on your body in terms of rapid gains on every front.

Anadrol 50mg pills work just fine on their own, but as part of a framework like this – a seasoned pro could definitely achieve almost inconceivable levels of size.

In order to integrate this stack, you could theoretically take the first item at 50 - 100mg per day depending on experience for a 4-week duration before subsequently following it by the second compound for an 8-week duration.

This is how you would achieve the hard hitting initial surge followed by the slow sustainment of your efforts.


Common Side Effects

Because oxymetholone is so powerful, it probably goes without saying that the side effects of anadrol 50mg tablets are amongst the nastiest out there (potentially.)

Sadly, you’re potentially going to face the entire anabolic side effect “umbrella” with this item – that’s precisely why we stated that you’ve got to take a three-tier approach to your protection.

Everything from terrible skin, bad cholesterol levels, respiratory functionality diminishment, blood pressure elevation and baldness to major suppression of organic hormone activity and potent mood swings may occur.

A well-structured therapy plan both during and after your usage is going to be utterly necessary but provided it’s in place it’s likely that you’re going to be absolutely fine.

You must seek medical advice in the event that any of the anadrol side effects take hold of you in a potent manner – you cannot under any circumstances ignore them.

You shouldn’t be put off by this list – it’s extensive purely because of the fact that this compound affects the chemistry of the body so intricately. If it didn’t do this, it wouldn’t be so powerful.

Treat it like you would any other item and take the necessary precautionary steps – this will undoubtedly lead to a positive and safe cycle.

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