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Proviron 25 MG Pills by Para Pharma: Key Points

Point 1: Proviron is a very mild anabolic as far as performance enhancement and physique development is concerned, and will not be very useful if used to gain muscle or strength and power on its own. However, it does have secondary effects on the body which may make it a useful addition to a bodybuilding or athletic program. 

Point 2: Binding Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin (SHBG) allow greater levels of free testosterone have an impact on the body, and partially inhibiting Aromatase enzymes to prevent a rise in estrogen with anabolic use. 

Point 3: Proviron 25 will most effectively, and most commonly, be used in cutting cycles to aid efficient muscle retention and development. 

Chemistry of Proviron

Proviron is known by the more technical name of mesterolone, and is a modified version of the Dihydrotestosterone chemical, with a methyl group added to the first carbon point (where many other anabolics would have it placed at the 17th carbon point). This means that, while it is an effective oral solution, it is one of the few that isn't c-17-alpha-alkylated, meaning it may cause less hepatic strain than other oral anabolics. 

While mild in Rene's of direct anabolic effect, Proviron binds to SHBG, androgen receptors, and Aromatase enzymes to potentially boost the impact of any other free testosterone circulating in the body, such as that from other anabolics. 

How To Use It For Aesthetics/Performance


Common doses to help maintain lean mass, and boost the effects of other anabolics stands at between 50 to 150 milligrams daily for men, with women advised to stay away from it due to its still moderate androgenic effect. 

Phases and programs

As mentioned, Proviron 25 mg tablets are normally used in cycles where lean mass retention is favoured, such as cutting cycles close to competition. Such phases usually last 8-12 weeks. 

Effects: Positives vs Negatives


Proviron offers a relatively side effect friendly means of maximizing lean mass retention, and can efficiently boost muscle gain when used with other anabolics like Trenbolone, Testosterone, and Winstrol. 


While this medication is more tolerable than a lot of steroids, possible side effects can still include: Some androgenic effects like skin issues or hair loss in those genetically predisposed, and a rise in unhealthy cholesterol and heart size and blood vessel stiffness. 

Package 1 Pack 50 Tabs
Manufacturer Para Pharma
Substance Mesterolone 25mg/tab
Common name Proviron

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