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60 Tabs of 25MG Proviron / Bayer

Those who wish to enhance/maximise the latter component of their stripping phase whilst simultaneously boosting strength levels should buy masteron; it’s the perfect product for achieving these end results and can make all the difference when it comes to taking a trophy home at a competition or leaving empty handed.

We’ll take an in-depth look at proviron by bayer over the course of this profile and give you access to all of the relevant information one could need to help them determine whether or not it’s the right product for them.

Proviron: Summary 

Mesterolone is a DHT steroid belonging to the same family as anavar and boldenone (to name but a few), and this all-important hormone is actually significantly more powerful than the standard male hormone molecule.

The entire DHT process is somewhat complicated; typically speaking, testosterone actually converts into DHT within the body, which is then used to create pretty much every androgenic change you can think of.

Strangely though, should DHT enter the muscles, it is usually broken down by the 3-alpha reductase enzyme, as the muscles are supposed to be resigned for testosterone entry “only”.

The molecular structure of this particular (and all DHT derived compounds) actually has an additional methyl group, meaning it can not only enter the muscles but also resist being broken down by 3 alpha reductase too.

A short-acting ester is also integrated into the molecular structure, which dictates its release time within the body.

The added methyl group also serves to make this substance far more anabolic that its initial structure would seem. (Its rating is 63:25 in favour of anabolism – though this doesn’t take into account the fact that it converts into DHT, which is as discussed makes it tremendously powerful).

This anabolism is further supported by the fact that masteron doesn’t aromatise. In fact, it serves to combat estrogenic build up, meaning that it perfectly weaves into a cutting phase (where it is predominantly used) due to the fact that it combats fluid retention.

It should be noted that in no way is this product a useful means of gaining mass at an accelerated rate; it is, in fact, one of the worst options out there in this regard.

This is, of course, in relation to male use; when it comes to female use, we find a different series of results altogether. It can actually provide substantial acceleration of lean tissue cells when used by a woman.

One of the primary aspects of masteron integration into any phase is the tremendous surge in strength levels it can produce; this makes it useful for performance athletes too.

If we take this surge (and protection) of strength and combine it with an ability to fully “mature” the muscles towards the end of a fat stripping window, and the capability of retaining nitrogen levels – suddenly we see that this compound can be extremely useful when integrated appropriately.

How To Take Proviron Tablets?

Proviron tablets are to be taken orally, they are a C-17 AA steroid, meaning that the the molecular structure of this compound has a double bond at the 17th carbon position to ensure that it can survive first pass digestion by the liver.

It perhaps goes without saying that “forcing” something to go through the liver process that isn’t necessarily supposed to is going to result in a great deal of strain on this vital organ.

For this reason, it’s absolutely vital that all users incorporate some form of liver protection, as this will safeguard against any adverse issues arising and causing potentially irreversible damage.

The suppression of natural synthesis of the “male” hormone is sadly a “necessary” evil when taking this and all other products of an anabolic nature. This is because the body comes to rely on the external product for the production of this vital sex hormone, therefore when these items are removed, organic production has ceased.

With the integration of effective PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) this aspect can be counteracted altogether. Mesterolone by bayer is generally regarded as being one of the mildest compounds on the market, but if you ignore the potential issues at hand here, then you’re likely to suffer as a result.

Proviron pills will definitely need to be combined with some form of SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) if being used by a female to counteract any androgenic issues.

The above component is unlikely to be needed by male users, however, please bear in mind that adverse skin conditions may arise (a common androgenic issue) meaning that some form of supplementary “material” may be needed to counteract it.

Should you keep these elements in mind, you’re likely to have a positive time with proviron.

Cycle Length And Dosages

As with most DHT derived oral steroids, a typical proviron cycle is going to last between 8 – 12 weeks (this helps to counteract any potential liver toxicity which can become severe past the 12-week mark).

In terms of dosages, a user can administrate anywhere between 50 mg to 150 mg per day, depending on their level of experience.

It’s crucial that you understand, that no matter what advice you may have received from your gym “buddies” you should never overlook the statements we’re about to make in regards to sensible administration.

Any first time user should realistically always stick with the minimum end dosage range (50) for the minimum cycle length range (8 weeks) in order to assess tolerance, thus ensuring that the product is actually safe for them.

Once an initial 8-week usage phase at 50 per day has been adhered to, that is then when the user can look to increase their dose to 100 per day on their next cycle, over the course of 10 weeks. 

Following this, a phase at 150 mg per day over the course of 12 weeks would suffice, provided only, of course, that adverse issues had not manifested in a potent manner over the course of the previous usage windows. 

These proviron cycle dosages are to be taken tremendously seriously (as with any other anabolic compound) in order to avoid anything of an adverse nature taking place.

You’ll find that proviron is a highly accessible compound when taken in the above fashion. It may seem obvious, but the 150 mg per day range is going to yield the most optimal results.

This is in part why we mentioned not listening to any “bro” science in the locker room; anyone who has used this product to great effect will no doubt be using 150 mg per day, thus meaning that they’d recommend this for a first time user too. Hopefully, after reading our guidelines, you’ll understand why we don’t advocate this.

Proviron, Anavar And Winstrol Cycle

This is a fairly popular proviron cycle, and it can be used to great effect to achieve a dramatically cut look whilst retaining strength levels, lean mass levels and shredding through body fat simultaneously.

One of the downsides to this combination is that it features three oral steroids, thus placing a significant amount of stress on the liver. With that said, liver protective agents could certainly serve to counteract these issues.

Negatives aside, this stack will work tremendously for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced dryness during the final phase of the cut as a result of the proviron inclusion
  • Enhanced body fat reduction as a result of the inclusion of anavar, as well as lean mass protection
  • Enhanced strength output as a result of the inclusion of winstrol

These excellent benefits are all fantastic in their own right, but what’s even better is that all three products actually achieve somewhat of the same results as each other respectively. This means they seamlessly “intertwine” for maximum benefit.

Another positive trait is the fact that masteron can actually improve the potency of other compounds within its “atmosphere.” As such, this stack can provide the total “package” for those on a contest prep.

Consider your proviron cycle length alongside the specific administration requirements of the other two products listed here to guarantee maximum safety; each has its own guidelines.

Proviron Benefits For Bodybuilding

In regards to the potency of mesterolone by bayer, in regards to a bodybuilding framework, due to the list of positive character “traits” mentioned previously, we can see that it is going to be a fantastic addition to a pre-contest window.

The benefits of proviron in this capacity include but are not limited to:

  • The preservation of strength levels, meaning when the individual returns to an off-season plan they will be able to start where they “left off”
  • The preservation of lean tissue, meaning that the user will appear as large and voluminous as possible once their fat reduction phase has finished
  • The enhancement of other items being used as part of the cycle
  • A dramatic increase in dryness when the user is in the single digit body fat percentage range

Proviron is hands down one of the best steroids available for implementation into a cut. Please keep in mind that its usefulness will be diminished should you not be at a low body fat level prior to use.

The Worst Side Effects

Proviron side effects do exist, but this is to be expected as they are possible when taking any anabolic compound whatsoever.

You may possibly encounter these negative effects of proviron during use:

  • Strain on the cardiovascular system
  • Elevated blood pressure levels
  • Adverse skin reactions including acute acne and oil-clogged pores
  • Potentially high liver toxicity

With the above being said, proviron is a relatively “tame” compound in general and provided you run an adequate PCT phase, you’re unlikely to encounter any serious adverse issues.

Package 60 tablets (25 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Bayer Schering Pharma
Substance Mesterolone
Common name Proviron

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