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VIAL 10MG  300MG/ml  
300mg/ml Nandrolone Decanoate    

This is our “convenient” 300mg variety of the ever popular deca durabolin – perfect for those who wish to improve everything from lean mass levels to joint protection whilst running other compounds as part of a heavy loading phase.

We’ll first how you how to buy deca 300 online before progressing onto all the information a user could ever need in regards to appropriate administration practices and how long this product should be used for.

It’s also worth noting that you’ll need to make yourself wholly aware of the elements included in the “negative issues” section as a safety precaution before proceeding.

How To Buy Nandrolone Decanoate


At Valkyrie pharmaceuticals, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you the highest quality nandrolone decanoate available anywhere on the online market.

This quality assurance comes as a result of our links to the medical industry; we supply doctors with our in-house produced compounds for safe administration to their patients.

This means by default that every product batch we produce gets stringently tested for purity and concentration strength. Nothing less than a “perfect” batch is ever allowed to leave our facility.

In choosing to buy nandrolone decanoate from us; you’re prioritising your health and results in the process. There’s no such thing as a “fake” compound on our website.

Sadly, we’re all too aware that there are a plethora of other online retailers either setting up entirely fake websites to steal your money or delivering untested products that can potentially be fatal, depending on what they contain.

Our testimonials section is proof that Valkyrie should be your one-stop shop for total peace of mind and quality results from now on.

How Often To Inject Deca 300 On Course?

If you want to guarantee your safety whilst using deca durabolin, then you should spread your injections out over the course of a 7 day period. Typically, a beginner’s dose of 300mg would need to be split into three doses every other day, with a 400mg dose or more needing to be administered in a similar fashion.

When buying nandrolone, ensure that you get the variety to best suit your individual needs. This particular (deca 300) version is going to be better suited to the more experienced user owing to its higher concentration per vial.

Please ensure that you have thoroughly read through our guides on how to safely inject before proceeding to use this product. You’ll find information regarding this subject across most of the product lines on our site.

Nandrolone Decanoate Dosages

Deca durabolin can be taken in varying quantities depending on the individual experience level of the user in question. Low-end doses will be perfect for beginners, with higher end doses being necessary to achieve optimal results as part of an advanced user's stack.

Deca 300 is such a convenient product due to its high product concentration per vial, but this may prove to be “too much” for a novice to effectively use.

Low-end dosages are within the 300 mg per week range – this is the absolute minimum quantity necessary to achieve noticeable results with the product.

When the user has a moderate level of experience under their belt, they will be better suited to ingesting doses of anywhere between 400 - 600mg per week to achieve the most substantial results.

When you buy nandrolone decanoate injections, you’ll need to ensure that your concentration per vial matches precisely your dosing needs throughout the week.

For instance; a user needing 600mg per week could simply take two 300 mg per vial doses. However, someone needing 400 per week would struggle to balance their doses as they would have to “break” their product down.

Whilst vials can be safely stored even when opened; some people simply prefer to have separate vials for separate doses as they believe it is more sterile.

Regardless of your administration quantity, you’re going to need to ensure that you use this product for a maximum of 12 weeks. A novice user will need to integrate this product for no longer than an 8 week period to assess their tolerance initially.

Benefits Of Deca Injection

The nandrolone decanoate benefits are numerous and adaptable to almost any scenario of the user's choosing.

Those who wish to use deca 300 as part of a bulking phase will experience positive results provided they administer it with a reasonable level of expectation.

What you’ll find in regards to mass gain when using this product is sustainable, lean results as opposed to the kind of “dirty” gains that stronger, faster-acting items will yield.

Whether or not you’ll be pleased with what you achieve depends entirely on your personal perception on gains in general. A strong man, for instance, has no need to gain “clean”, so as a result, they’re better suited to products like anadrol that provide rapid acting gains.

A bodybuilder, however, may need more progressive increases in mass that they can keep “hold” of easily when their cycle ends. This makes deca a good choice if this is the overriding goal, though these gains won’t come particularly quickly.

Another great benefit when bulking is the protection of the joints that this product allows. Heavier weight loads will be used in this phase, meaning that the joints will definitely benefit from added protection and recovery.

Though it is not a popular cutting agent, this product can be used to effectively protect lean tissue levels whilst operating on a low-calorie intake. Its ability to restore vitality to the tendons and joints is also appreciated being that individuals can often feel “sore” as their cut progresses.

An athlete who chooses to order nandrolone decanoate is arguably going to have a more positive experience than any other user variety. Its result in terms of recovery and regeneration of the cells and joints is considered to be nothing short of remarkable for those who perform regular, high-intensity athletic performance.

This is a perfect product for such a scenario owing to its “slow” aesthetic impact; detection would be difficult without a purposely designed test.


How To Stack Deca And Winstrol

To put it simply, a deca durabolin stack that includes winstrol when cutting is going to provide rather remarkable effects.

This is largely due to the fact that both compounds synergise to maximise the results one can achieve when performing a phase of this nature. Deca 300 protects and can even further develop lean muscle tissue, whilst winstrol actively serves to enhance that protectiveness whilst actively reducing visceral body fat.

Some see this combination as somewhat of a “dream team”, and the above positive benefits aren’t all there is to this combination either. Winstrol has been known to make the user suffer from joint-related soreness. As such the effects of deca come in particularly useful as they can alleviate this aching to a dramatic level.

When looking for deca durabolin for sale, if you’re planning to perform a cut, you should definitely take a look at our range of winstrol options too as this could be exactly what you need to capitalise on your results.

You will definitely need to integrate testosterone when using deca in some capacity in order to restore your natural production levels as you are coming off the product, or once your usage has ceased altogether.

Luckily, the three compounds synergise together very effectively. 

Negative Effects Of Deca Durabolin 

Whilst deca 300 is largely considered to be a safe and low-risk compound, there are of course several adverse possibilities that may arise with taking it (as per any other anabolic agent. 

In terms of estrogenic issues, several users have experienced bloating and water retention throughout the course of their time with this item. Others have experienced the mild onset of gynecomastia, and rarer still are those who have developed severe mood swings. All of the above elements can easily be controlled with the integration of an effective SERM product like nolvadex.

Androgenic issues like baldness, bad skin development and raised negative cholesterol may also occur; should you feel ill in any way shape or form whilst using this product, it’s important that you immediately consult with a medical professional for guidance.

The most common (and inevitable) issue surrounding the use of this item is that it will suppress your body’s natural ability to create testosterone. This can easily be overridden by integrating testosterone itself to boost your levels back up to their normal range again.

You’re unlikely to face any of the nandrolone decanoate side effects (other than the last point mentioned) provided you adhere to safe dosage guidelines

Don’t forget; when you buy deca durabolin you’ll also need to look through our range of supplementary items for safety purposes (nolvadex). They must be seen as a necessity rather than merely an option.

How To Buy Nandrolone Decanoate Right Here

You can purchase nandrolone decanoate online right here at the Valkyrie online store safely and effectively. Your item will be discreetly shipped to you within 72 hours of your payment being processed.

As we stated in our opening section, all of our products represent the highest purity standard available. Any other nandrolone for sale on the internet will simply be unable to match our stringent quality standards.

We’re confident you’ll have a positive time with deca 300; please feel free to share your experience with us via our reviews section. Our loyalty scheme will also see you being richly rewarded for all of your future orders.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Nandrolone Decanoate 300 mg/ml
Common name Deca Durabolin

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