Ancilliaries and PCT

Whether or not you should buy post cycle therapy products should never be a debate – it’s simply a given that they are going to be needed regardless of the anabolic compounds you implement.

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The use of steroids is gradually becoming a welcome development in today's society. Many bodybuilders, including professional athletes and beauticians, use it in one way or another to keep up with their appearance and professional standards.

One thing you should not take for granted if you use steroids is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Bodybuilders and other users don't take it seriously, but it's a shame because it puts their health at risk. What exactly is this therapy and why is it necessary?

Basically, PCT is defined as the taking of a set of drugs after a cycle of anabolic steroids in order to bring the body chemistry back to its natural state and to alleviate the inconvenience of chemical stimulants. To a large extent, products for post-cycle therapy can help to regulate natural hormonal functions, which in many cases are distorted in the first place by the intake of steroids.

There are different types of supplements that can be used for PCT. They can be in the form of pills or injections, and they act in different ways to improve the user's body chemistry to reduce the side effects of steroids.

More specifically, here are some of the benefits of taking PCT supplements.
-    Improves male sex hormone when suppressed
-    Reverse atrophy of the testicles to return them to their original size in case of shrinkage
-    Increases the rate of metabolic response, which can lead to rapid fat loss
-    Maintain your steroid cycle results
-    Increases blood circulation rate
-    removes excess estrogen from the body, which is usually responsible for some of the side effects of steroids, such as weight gain, water retention and gynecomastia in humans
In addition to the reasons mentioned above, why is it necessary to buy PCT supplements after completing a steroid cycle? To begin with, chemical enhancers, especially steroids, have the ability to suppress the natural testosterone process for the rest of life. This means that the person will need to be vaccinated from time to time, as their body can no longer make the natural male sex hormone.

In addition, taking PCT steroids can help to reduce the level of cortisol in the body, leading to decreased mood swings, increased blood pressure, weight gain and lethargy.

List of the Best AI's and SERM's For PCT

There are different products that can be used for Post Cycle Therapy. It is important to seek the approval of a health expert before using any of them. Here are some of the most common examples :

-    Clomid:
This is a synthetic form of estrogen that can be used to boost the male hormone if it is suppressed. It also increases blood flow and reduces excess female sex hormones.

-    Nolvadex:
In many ways this drug is similar to Clomid in terms of function. It increases the production of natural testosterone, reduces estrogen and reduces the side effects of steroid ingestion.

-    Rebirth:
This is another product that is excellent for post-cycle therapies. It contains a number of excellent extracts that work to increase and optimize male hormone levels in the body.

-    HCG:
For a lot of people, HCG comes third on the list of best pct supplements there is. It is not a steroid per se, it is a peptide found mainly in pregnant women. Its basic function is to stimulate certain cells in the testicles, which in turn boost the male sex hormone almost immediately.

Run Your Post Cycle Therapy with Valkyrie Products

The medicines mentioned above (and others) are available on our website and can be used to safely perform a PCT cycle. However, there are a few things you need to take note of and apply for the best results.
-    Consult a medical expert to help you decide which legal PCT products would be best for you. As mentioned earlier, there are different types and brands of supplements on the market, and they do not work in the same way. Consulting an expert would help you to make an informed decision about the exact nature of use and the appropriate dosage.
-    Always follow the appropriate dosage. Taking less than needed may not give the desired results, taking more than needed may lead to health complications. Consult your health care expert about the dosage to be taken.
-    Be sure to complete the cycle after you start, unless otherwise recommended by your doctor. In addition to not getting the desired result, not completing your cycle will allow the side effects of steroid stimulators to develop and could lead to lifelong health complications.

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