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DOSAGE : 50mg/ml Oxymetholone 


How To Buy Anadrol 50 For UK, US And Canada Customers


Those wanting to buy anadrol 50mg injections in the UK, the USA or Canada all have access to the compound via the online market.

As it is highly sought after, you’ll find that it is widely available across a plethora of sites. Whilst finding it certainly isn’t a problem, ensuring that you get a legitimate version definitely is.

The E-market is saturated with illicit digital storefronts that often look genuine, but are actually backed by individuals who produce these items in an incredibly subpar manner.

Genuine compound production requires a sterile, high-tech environment that has been engineered to optimise purity and safety. This requires a great deal of expertise and knowledge as per the type you’ll find at Valkyrie pharmaceutical.

Should the calibre of the environment be any lower than this, the risk of contamination increases dramatically. Please also bear in mind that we supply the medical industry with our products; this means their levels of purity and concentration are unmatchable.

Should you source your item elsewhere, it’s unlikely that they will have the means or credentials to support your safety and result-based needs. Our reputation demands that we satisfy you every time. It’s simply not worth risking your time, money and health with other suppliers.



Anadrol 50: Intro Before To Buy Online 


Anadrol (to give it its popular name) is widely renowned for its ability to provide the user with rapid and highly noticeable gains in mass and strength. It could fairly be deemed as the most powerful steroid available for producing the former mentioned results.

It’s important that you’re aware of the manner in which you should administer this item in order to optimise benefits and ideally, completely avoid adverse issues occurring.

We’ll first discuss how you can secure this product regardless of where you are based before providing dosage information and highlighting the various benefits on offer by this compound.



How Does Oxymetholone Work?


Those who choose to buy anadrol are looking for rapid increases in both size and strength owing to its immensely powerful nature.

Originally developed to help treat muscle wasting diseases, this product is capable of providing a surge in overall mass development unlike any other item on the market.

There is simply no product out there of a comparable nature in terms of the high-impact results oxymetholone can yield. It’s important that the user understands that what they receive in “instant gratification” they will undoubtedly lose out on in terms of quality.

We’ll now assess how this product can be integrated into either a bulking or cutting phase to help you make your mind up in regards to whether or not this item will suit your specific needs at present.



What Will Happen If You Use This Item For Cutting? 


Those searching for liquid anadrol for sale for the purpose of cutting fall into a very niche, daring and highly experienced anabolic crowd.

We’ll immediately state that under almost no circumstance should you ever take this product to cut with, save for the scenario that we’re now going to outline for you.

Those who are looking to compete and are 6% body fat or under (this aspect is hugely important) may find an effective use for this product as part of their stripping phase.

A necessary aspect of competition “prep” is to perform what’s known as a carb load to make the muscles “inflate” and appear as voluminous as possible.

It’s during this very specific window that anadrol can actually further enhance their volume and make one’s appearance more prominent than ever.

This should only be done over a very minimal timeframe, and unless the user has all of the relevant cycle support on hand, the risk of storing water and appearing “puffy” rather than dry will simply be too great for many to control.

Provided you have initial tolerance, the relevant cycle support and you use a sensible dosage – this is definitely a technique that you may benefit from should you integrate this product into a cut. 



What Will Happen If You Use This Item For Bulking?


This is really where this product is supposed to be implemented as it’s during an off season phase that drol fulfils the user's needs in the most direct fashion.

As previously stated, this item can provide a tremendous benefit in terms of rapid mass gain and increases in strength. Some users have experienced gains in mass of anywhere up to 30 lbs. Within a 6 week period – almost unheard of when compared to any other mass gaining compound on the market.

Typically, those seeking muscular gain when performing a bulk fall into two different thought process categories:

  • Some prefer to gain as much size as possible and choose to worry about fat and water reduction afterwards

  • Others prefer to gain “clean” muscle whilst avoiding excess water and fat at all costs

For those who follow the former mentality, this product will definitely provide everything they need to achieve tremendous results.

Not all of the weight gained is by any means going to be “clean” in nature, but the genuine mass gained underneath the added fat and water is going to be (likely) of a more significant nature than that provided by a “clean” gainer like trenbolone.

For those who perform competitive lifting sports (strongman, powerlifting) this product is without doubt one of the most useful out there being that these disciplines often feature “open” categories for any performer of any weight level.

Dosages For Beginners And Experienced Users


Anadrol dosages vary depending on your individual tolerance level in regards to this specific compound and anabolic compounds in general.

Being one of the most (if not the most) powerful items available, you’ll have to ensure that you follow a minimum dose of 50mg per day for a 4 week period on your first “run” with it.

When you’ve safely administered oxymetholone injections for an initial “assessment” cycle without facing adverse issues, you will then be free to implement the maximum dosage of 100mg should you choose to.

It’s important to state that doses falling within this range should only be administered for a 4 week maximum period due to the strength of the product.

Most users will find that this lower dose will actually cater for their every need, and exceeding this amount will largely be unnecessary unless you have a high level of experience with these products in general.


List Of Positive Effects 

We can sum up the various benefits of oxymetholone 50mg vials across the below areas: 

  • A dramatically increased capacity to gain mass

  • A surge in strength and power output levels

  • An enhanced sense of “well being” and an increase in energy

  • Improved effectiveness of other anabolic substances 

Consider that the price for anadrol 50mg injections needs to be considered alongside the relevant cycle support too. You simply can’t run one without the other.

We’ll shortly discuss how you can secure this product from the Valkyrie online store, as this is the best place for buying anadrol if you want to achieve all of the above benefits.


Risks and Negative Side Effects 


Before you buy anadrol 50 it’s important that you realise there are a number of potentially adverse issues you may encounter during your time with it.

Being one of the most pronounced steroids out there in terms of effectiveness, this also coincides with a fairly high risk of side effects. Oxymetholone simply isn’t to be taken lightly.

The following issues may potentially occur:

  • An adverse risk on your respiratory system and blood pressure

  • Raised negative cholesterol levels

  • Baldness, bad skin conditions and general irritability

  • Sickness, nausea, vomiting and dizziness

Provided you’re aware of these facets when using anadrol 50mg doses, you’re going to set yourself up for a smooth run with it.

Should you encounter any of the above problems in a severe format, it goes without saying that you need to consult with a medical professional for immediate assistance.


How To Buy Anadrol From Valkyrie In The USA, UK Or Canada


If you’re looking to buy anadrol in Canada, the USA or you want to purchase anadrol in the UK – you simply need to type in the product name into the search bar at the top of the Valkyrie homepage.

Amongst the results you will then see the oxyject 50 mg/ml variants presented to you; simply add the relevant choice to your basket then process payment via our flexible payment options.

Both the anadrol injection and pill formats are available for your convenience, and this “single dose” variety makes it easier to use for beginners.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our scalable loyalty scheme to save hundreds of dollars with your next series of cycles and leave a review to show others your positive results.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxymetholone 50 mg/ml
Common name Anadrol, Oxyject

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