HGH Fragment 176-191 (5MG)

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Physical State: Lyophilized Powder

Appearance: White

Molecular Formula: C78H125N23O23S2

Purity: 98.14%

Source: Chemical Synthesis

Best Place To Buy Fragment 176 - 191

If you’re looking for one of the most advanced means of laying waste to your excess fat stores on the planet, then you should without doubt buy fragment 176 - 191 today to capitalise on your physique potential as part of a cutting phase. This amazing compound is a refined version of the “base” growth hormone blueprint, and it could make all the difference in the world in regards to bringing out the best in your visibility levels. It’s easy to secure hgh fragment 176 191 from a number of different online suppliers, but it’s incredibly unlikely that any of them are going to come close to being able to offer a product of the same caliber as the variant available at Valkyrie. We established our high tech laboratory based on a stringent series of principles:

  • We want to supply the best human grade produce available on the Internet
  • At all times, we want to adhere to a strict quality code to ensure that all of our items are safe
  • At all times, you’ll receive the entire series of benefits you would expect from the product you purchase
  • We will only ever produce items within an environment that meets the GMP code of practice (Good Manufacturing Practice)

We believe that the above guidelines are truly the only viable means of producing fragment 176 191 or any other anabolic compound. Anywhere that creates produce under “lesser” standards simply doesn’t have your vitality or results in mind. Anabolic compounds are more popular now than they have ever been, and this is precisely why it’s important to only ever secure items from a high-grade source like us – steroids are being counterfeited all over the internet, and as a result, people are losing a great deal of money, time (as a result of wasting it on illegitimate products) and health when things go “wrong.” You should never take a risk when it comes to pharmaceutical grade items, and considering we actually supply the medical field with the majority of our products for use out in the field, this means you can without doubt trust us to take you through a safe cycle every time.

How To Use HGH Fragment 176 191

First of all, fragment 176 191 is a growth hormone peptide, meaning that it’s going to need to be reconstituted in bacteriostatic water before you can actually administer it. In order to do this, you’re going to need to secure some bacteriostatic water vials in conjunction with your product vials. You’ll also need a means of withdrawing/injecting the product (via two needles) and some sterile wipes for antibacterial purposes. You’ll then need to (after thoroughly wiping down both the product and water vials) withdraw the bacteriostatic water and slowly drip feed it into the product vial until the powder “melts” and synergises seamlessly with the water. Should you perform this element too fast, you’ll find that the powder will actually start to bubble and “fizz”, in which case its structural integrity will have been compromised. In regards to fragment 176 191 dosing, you’ll need to administer 500 mcg per day for roughly 12 weeks to achieve optimum benefit. You should split this into one morning and one evening integration. We’ll further discuss this aspect shortly.

It’s worth noting that all peptide variants (like this one) have been recorded as not being quite as effective when taken in the presence of macronutrients. For this reason, you should always ensure that you administer your doses on an empty stomach for maximum efficiency. Before breakfast, and perhaps before your pre-workout meal could be considered as optimal. If you stick to the above guidelines when buying fragment 176 191 online, then you’re likely to have a safe and effective time with it. You’ll also need to thoroughly read through the “pinning” procedure elsewhere on this site to ensure that you administer it properly. Regardless of our instructions, you should also seek advice within the medical field and discuss what you plan to use/how you plan to use it for double reassurance. They will further re-enforce any safe practice guidelines provided online either by ourselves or anywhere else and further enhance them should they deem it to be necessary.

HGH Fragment 176 - 191 Dosage Instructions

Concerning fragment 176 191 dosages, we previously mentioned that 500 mcg per day is the recommended intake. Please note that whilst this is true to achieve optimal benefit, it is still the recommended intake and not the default intake. For those who have never used a peptide variant before, it would be best if they simply administered one 250 mcg shot per day (ideally before training on an empty stomach) as this would be an excellent means of gauging product tolerance. Dosages should never be open to interpretation (unless the user assumes all risk and responsibility is placed solely on them) and if you’re fairly new to anabolic compounds in general, then it wouldn’t be wise to surpass this initial limit.

This is no different to using any other anabolic agent for the first time – if you’re unsure as to how it may react in your system, then the most sensible thing to do is perform a “test” cycle first using the minimum dosage of the product. Some experienced anabolic veterans may use a product for the first time at a higher dosage range, but the chances are they they’ve already developed a high level of anabolic tolerance. You probably don’t fall into this category. If you buy fragment 176 191 as an advanced user, the 500 mcg per day implementation is optimal, and will be perfectly suited to you. At this level, you’ll maximise the benefits on offer. In either scenario, a 12 week usage phase is recommended (at minimum) to get some positive “return” out of your item.

List Of Benefits

The benefits of fragment 176 191 are actually very specific when compared to those on offer by other GH variants, and they come with a minimal risk of adverse issues arising. This product is actually a highly refined variant of growth hormone – we say refined because it is essentially the growth hormone molecule albeit with the element that is responsible for fat burning being present in an “isolated” fashion, in conjunction with the other benefits on offer by standard gh. You’ll also find when using the fragment 176 191 peptide that the nastier side effects of GH use (joint aching, bloating, general nausea, etc.) aren’t particularly present here. Due to the fat burning component of GH being isolated and boosted, this variant is actually 12+ times more efficient than the standard version at burning body fat. You should definitely buy fragment 176 191 online now if you’re looking for a means of shredding through fat whilst simultaneously protecting and enhancing lean muscle tissue in the process. You should view this variant as being almost like a “greatest” hits collection of growth hormone properties...though keep in mind that the anabolic capacity of this item is considered by some to be lesser than that of standard GH and the likes of GHRP 6.

Purchase HGH Fragment 176 191 Here

In order to buy fragment 176 191, simply browse through our peptides section until you find it amongst our list (or search for it directly by using the search function at the top of the page) and add it to your digital cart. As soon as you have done this, you can go through the secure payment section in total confidence, following which you’ll shortly receive your fragment 176 191 in a discrete fashion (as a result of it being shipped in an unmarked box). Once the order is in place, all you’ll have to think about from that point onwards is the fragment 176 191 results you’re going to benefit from rather than the stress and worry you’d encounter when securing from elsewhere. We take great pride in offering our customers the best of the best – you can see this by browsing through our series of endless positive user reviews. We really look forwards to seeing yours included after running a highly effective cycle with this product.

Package 1 vial (5 mg/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance HGH Frag 176-191
Common name HGH Frag 176-191, HGH Fragment 176-191

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