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Buying humatrope will be a prudent decision if enhanced muscle growth, structural recovery, fat burning, muscular sustenance and optimum vitality are your primary goals.

When you think about it; the above series of benefits are going to be beneficial regardless of who you are or what your ideals happen to be at this moment in time. They are all of a universal nature, and will perfectly tie in with any athletic or aesthetic development phase.

Humatrope 72 IU: Summary 

Those who wish to purchase human growth hormone online have a wealth of options at their disposal; there are several different varieties of GH itself plus you also have access to growth hormone secretagogues like GHRP 6 and CJC 1295.

The product we’re analysing today is going to provide you with a stable means of elevating your natural levels without any “dips” in release – this is in contrast to some of the secretagogue variants than provide a dramatic surge in release, but one that only lasts for a minimal time frame before re-administration is needed.

This humatrope pen will lead to sustained/optimal restorative output in the body, and that’s a good thing; this means you’ll have access to a wealth of benefits provided by this often cited “miracle” hormone over the course of your cycle.

There is almost no physical situation that cannot benefit from the application of this item – humatrope by lilly is an isolated and “hand crafted” version of the existing HGH residing in the human body, as such; you’ll receive all of the “normal” benefits on offer from its presence, although they’ll be elevated.

These positive traits coincide with a relatively low risk of adverse issues manifesting during its use – whilst no anabolic substance should ever be labelled as completely safe, what is safe to state is that the issues you may encounter should be less severe than those found when using harsh steroid varieties, and there are also less of them on the whole.

Benefits And Warnings For Young Athletes

The benefits of humatrope are numerous and include: 

  • Advanced production of collagen and other vital aspects necessary for the reformation and maintenance of skin tissue
  • Enhanced IGF-1 production and utilisation, subsequently leading to an increase in MGF access leading to advanced muscle growth and repair
  • The suppression of the anabolic “diminishment” hormone myostatin, thus leading to a less restricted state of growth within the system
  • Optimised immune function
  • Improved bone density and joint protection/repair
  • An enhanced state of internal well being including spikes in energy and a positive mood

These humatrope positive benefits are only a handful of the entire range on offer too; there are many, many more all of which relate to improved health and optimum anabolism across almost every conceivable area.

Whilst these areas are likely to draw the majority of your attention in relation to your current goals, please consider that there are also some humatrope side effects – whether or not they manifest is largely going to depend on how responsible you are with regards to administration.

These potential issues include but are not limited to:

  • Swelling of the joints
  • Enhanced levels of water beneath the surface of the skin that may apply untowards pressure to the circulatory system
  • Carpal tunnel issues
  • Head pains

On the whole, this is one of the safest items an individual can administer; you should always get a check up with your local GP before proceeding to use anabolic agents of any variety to ensure that you do not have any underlying conditions that may be agitated by the implementation of this item.

Rules On How To Inject

When it comes to administering your humatrope injection, you have a couple of popular options at your disposal.

You can either choose to inject intramuscularly, or subcutaneously – either method is viable, but please consider that the half-life will alter to a fairly considerable degree depending on which method you choose.

When injecting intramuscularly, you will be directly implementing the product into the cells of your chosen muscle site – in this instance, the product will have a half-life of 4.9 hours, thus requiring less frequent administration but arguably at the cost of some discomfort (not everyone is comfortable with injecting via the IM method).

On balance, implementing Humatrope 72 IU subcutaneously will involve injecting directly into the fat layer beneath the surface of the skin – the half-life of the item will reduce to 3.8 hours under these circumstances.

Typical intakes will lie around the 2 - 3 IU mark on a daily basis and the item can be used over a period of several weeks (sometimes even on a near continuous basis).

You’ll find comprehensive information on how to safely prepare and utilise your humatrope pen for safe product integration on our homepage – please adhere to the available guidelines stringently in order to optimise safety. 

Buy Humatrope Online 

You can buy humatrope by Lilly at the Valkyrie online store – we abide by a strict code of ethics at all times that allows us to guarantee your safety every time you order.

When you buy humatrope online from us, you’re getting an item that has been through rigorous testing procedures and has been manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines – as such, maximum sterility and optimum concentration are guaranteed.

Humatrope is sadly one of the most counterfeited items in circulation today owing to the tremendous popularity of HGH – as such; you need a supplier like us that boasts the above credentials to optimise efficiency and vitality.

In conjunction with this, you’ll find an endless stream of positive user experiences in our testimonial section – we’re also a supplier for the medical industry, thus legitimising our product quality claims. 

These are the hallmarks that go into making truly remarkable items – every product we supply has either been crafted in-house according to these stringent guidelines or has been sourced from a manufacturer that adheres to them.

Nothing but your optimal safety and results will ever be good enough for us.

Package 1 vial (72 iu (24 mg)/vial)
Manufacturer Eli Lilly and Company
Substance Somatropin
Common name HGH Humatrope

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