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Ephedrine SOPHARMA

This page is for information on the powerful fat stripper ephedrine; the effects of which have become notorious amongst performance circles for those wanting to “mature” the tone of their muscles and disintegrate stubborn fat cells in those settings where extra body weight is a detriment.

How To Buy Ephedrine For Cheap 

Whilst looking for the best place to get ephedrine you’re going to open yourself up to a plethora of dubious internet and “real-world” sources, all claiming to offer you the “cheapest” variant of this item available.

This is an enormous problem – as a typical user, you will have no means of legitimising your chosen item when you receive it, thus meaning that you could potentially ingest pretty much anything without knowing until it was too late.

Many suppliers know that those who buy ephedrine are looking for something to “rev” up their metabolism and burn fat. Achieving this effect (or at least making the user feel like they’re achieving this effect) is incredibly easy to do.

This is precisely why there are often so many accidents in regards to stimulant-based products like this – people are taking impure variants all over the world, hence why illness subsequently follows.

Whilst there are several known adverse conditions that may potentially arise a the result of using this item, ultimately it’s not likely to cause you any harm whatsoever when used safely if it’s the “real deal”.

When you order ephedrine from Valkyrie; you’re getting a GMP approved product that’s not only been batch tested for the utmost purity but is also being supplied to the medical industry. 

There’s simply no higher accolade or quality guarantee. Type the item name in, select the relevant option then proceed with the financial section. It really is that easy.

How Does Ephedrine Work? 

Ephedrine use triggers a response known as “thermogenesis” within the system – this increases one’s internal body temperature, and as a result, the metabolism works overtime, thus burning through a surplus of calories.

You can buy ephedrine in Canada, the U.S.A or the UK – it’s all going to achieve the same end result if it’s legitimate. You’ll lay waste to fat cells and fully embellish your muscular appearance in the process.

Its original intended use was that of an “expansion” device for the airways – it can literally make them “open” wider, thus allowing the user to breathe freely.

This is largely as a result of an increased blood flow and a general spike in internal functionality – it makes all of your body’s “cogs” synergise better, thus activating a more efficient respiratory system.

With the first point in particular in mind, why is it then that this item hasn’t seen further widespread use within the medical field for the purpose of burning fat when compared to ghastly procedures like the gastric band?

Furthermore, why is it that those who are obese sometimes turn to this item on their own initiative and don’t get particularly far?

Its all down to discipline. Even though this product can help you burn extra calories, it’s not a miracle pill. You still have to have a calorie deficit in place to guarantee that you’ll reduce your visceral fat.

As such, it’s very useful for a disciplined individual who’s in the middle of an existing fat reduction phase or an athlete with a strong willed mindset, but it’s not going to counteract the average person’s bad eating habits. 

You should keep this in mind before looking to secure any ephedrine.


Ephedrine Cycle For Weight Loss 

A typical cycle for weight loss should first and foremost revolve around excellent nutritional practice and a substantial calorie deficit being in place. Without these elements, results will simply not be achieved.

This applies regardless of what you’re planning to take to assist your efforts – you absolutely must adhere to the above guidelines to see results. If you do this, you’ll find that an ephedrine cycle will “turbocharge” your progress and help to make a well-constructed plan even better.

To provide added benefit within a situation like this, the user should implement between 25 - 50 mg three times a day and do so for a duration of 14 days. Once this period has elapsed, it’s time to come off for 14 days.

Again, when the subsequent 14 day period has elapsed, you may go back on for the same duration – this staggered approach is necessary to avoid metabolic adaptation and to safeguard vitality.

Your ephedrine cycle dose should be combined with 100 - 200 mg of caffeine and 100 – 300 mg of aspirin as this stack has been proven to be far more effective than taking the product in isolation. 

Always use the minimal amount of ephedrine and all conjunctive products during your first usage window for safety.


Results For Fat Burning: Before And After

Ephedrine results are going to vary depending on nutritional and training practices.

If you run a “tight” schedule, then weight loss results could be dramatic – it wouldn’t be unfeasible to lose anywhere from 15 - 20 lbs within a usage phase spanning several (combined) weeks.

If you seriously want to buy ephedrine, consult with a physician in regards to your current state of internal wellness to guarantee the highest degree of safety possible.

Buy Ephedrine Online With Debit Card

Buying ephedrine online is easy with Valkyrie; we’re the best place to buy ephedra in general, and we know you won’t be disappointed with this or any other products we supply you with.

All you need is a debit or credit card – select and basket the correct item after using the search function, and then simply select the card option at the checkout. You can then proceed to send us the cash via our encrypted site.

Once you have done this, please allow for the relevant delivery period to elapse (as per our FAQ) after which your order will discreetly arrive.

Don’t forget too; when you order ephedrine, you can then take advantage of our excellent loyalty scheme and save hundreds with future purchases.

Package 10 vials (1 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Sopharma
Substance Ephedra 50 mg/ml
Common name Bronkaid, Primatene, Ephedrine

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