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Those in need of a powerful agent for protecting the body against the likes of gynecomastia and a reduction in the organic synthesis (this product can recharge the process) of the “male” hormone shouldn’t hesitate to buy clomid online as a means of serving their needs effectively. 

Clomid: Summary

Clomid for men has become a tremendously popular agent for controlling hormone balance within their system whilst using substances designed for instigating a surge in the development of lean tissue cells.

It’s by no means the most powerful item on the market for use within this capacity, but it certainly serves its purpose well within this setting and will definitely provide adequate enough protection for most users of a mild/intermediate nature.

Clomid in PCT and inter-phase use equally caters for a user’s need to counteract estrogenic issues, and in the former phase, a particular emphasis is placed on its ability to trigger a surge in the synthesis of organic hormones, thus restoring and optimising full function in this department.

Clomid 50mg pills were initially developed as a powerful fertility aid, and it still serves this purpose today when integrated into a medical framework. It was initially introduced in the 70’s, and it was shortly after its creation that aesthetically minded individuals started to realise that it may be tremendously useful for controlling their own hormonal output.

A foundational supportive agent as opposed to being an optional one (much like aromasin, and this optional element would depend entirely on the strength of the compounds being used it must be said), this product is designed for use as an “everyday” means of protection during what one would call “normal” substance use parameters.

Of note, this particular SERM is considered to be a very effective means of combating gynecomastia, more so arguably than nolvadex (another popular “base” cycle supplement”) It’s for this reason that some choose to use this option instead of its better known “brother”.

How To Take Clomid Pills On Cycle

Clomid dosages are going to vary depending entirely on how you are specifically choosing to integrate it into your personal framework. If it’s being used mid-phase, ingestion will be totally different when compared to usage in a post-substance window.

You should keep in mind that when initially using this or any other item, you absolutely must adhere to the minimum range integration in order to safeguard against possible adverse issues.

Whilst this is truly a mild item (and by mild we mean VERY mild compared to most of the other items within this niche out there) you may still encounter negative traits.

Should this be the case, they will not manifest in a potent manner at a lower integration, whereas their potency would be much higher should a higher dose be administered.

Everyone’s genetics are different; hence the above recommendations. Clomid needs to be ingested at an intake of 50 mg per day when being used in an inter-cycle capacity. This level will not fluctuate regardless of experience, so it’s really within the PCT framework that the above advice must be implemented.

Please note that if 50 mg per day isn’t enough to combat anti-estro issues, you’re simply going to need an AI. Your needs at this point would outweigh a SERM.

It’s when we’re using this item in the post substance phase that usage varies. One should begin with an initial intake of 100 - 150 mg per day for a 14-day period, before moving onto a subsequent 14-day window at 50-100 mg per day, and a final 14-day window at 50 per day (though you could likely get away with a 7-day window at this level.)

Please note that when using items that last for a while in the system such as the ester varieties of testosterone, you must start use two weeks after your last integration. It’s 3 days after your last integration for a rapid acting “standard” formula.

You could view this period as requiring a unique clomid cycle in its own right, rather than just taking it as a mere supplement.


Side Effects And Risks 

The unfortunate truth of absolutely any pharmaceutical grade compound is that it may simply not be compatible with your system. This is often due to no fault of the compound itself, but because your genetics are not compatible with it.

Clomid side effects are rare, to say the least, but they are certainly possible; you should watch out for them in case they manifest to any potent extent as this would require assistance from a qualified professional.

The side effects of clomid are (as you’ll soon see) generally a “walk in the park” when compared to some of the other items out there and their unique list of negative character “traits.”

However, do not assume that they are not serious if they arise. Any adverse issue is still not “good” for the body and must be treated with caution and respect.

You may encounter elements like:

  • Irregular temperature changes
  • Acute aches in the head
  • Stomach upset/tension
  • Bleeding from the uterus

Again, it’s unlikely that any of the above will come to fruition at all, but it’s better that you’re aware that they might. Adverse manifestations often take place when a user abuses their intake in some way, and this is the number one reason for negative “outcomes” with most products within the pharmaceutical category.

If you use any of the clomid pills for sale responsibly, it’s safe to say that you’re unlikely to have a bad time. Provided they’re legitimate.


Though this item is not going to provide any physical changes for the user (and that’s fine, it’s important that you understand not all products being used within an anabolic framework are designed to make you huge and ripped...some are for safety, and that’s equally as important) it is going to give them both peace of mind and optimum vitality when “cycling”.

The benefits of clomid are specifically that it is a great way to combat/completely avoid gynecomastia, and that it is effective for delivering a resurgence in the synthesization of one’s organic hormonal output.

Clomiphene is also useful for reducing negative cholesterol levels by establishing itself within the liver and promoting (healthy) estrogenic activity.

Another great trait is that it serves as a form of estrogen in its own right, meaning that the body benefits from the positive aspects of this vital (and it really is – you DO need some present in your system for optimal functionality hence why AI’s should never be the first port of call) hormone without levels ever being in excess, thus leading to adverse issues.

Clomid will undoubtedly serve as the perfect platform to build your PCT phase on, and a useful component in the mid-usage window.


Clomid Alternatives 

The most obvious alternatives to clomid come in the form of almost any other SERM product. It’s worth noting that clomid 50mg tablets are particularly useful against gynecomastia development in an almost unique capacity.

Other SERM’s can provide a similar effect, but some believe that “clo” is the best “mild” form of protection available, without having to recruit an AI.

If you want an almost like for like replacement, then nolvadex is without doubt the most obvious choice. Clomid could be used in its stead should the risk of gynecomastia be high, but some would say that nolva is the stronger of the two for “all-round”, basic protection.

Package 48 tablets (50mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Anfarm Hellas S.A.
Substance Clomiphene Citrate
Common name Clomid, Clomiphene, Clomiphene Citrate

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