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30 x Testosterone Undecanoate Capsule 40mg by MSD

What is Andriol?

Andriol is a relatively unique and innovative product for people who are looking for testosterone-based items, or related chemicals, for clinical, performance-boosting, or physique-enhancing purposes.


Not to be confused with Anadrol, the altered form of Dihydrotestosterone, Andriol Testocaps are actually tablet forms of the Testosterone Undecanoate chemical.


Packaged in an oil-based solution, this product is designed to be taken orally.


However, unlike other oral preparations used for improving either appearance or physical abilities, these Testocaps are not C17-alpha-alkylated. From a chemical standpoint, this means that the chemical structure of the drug hasn’t been changed with the addition of a methyl group at the alpha position of the 17th carbon point of the structure.


From a practical standpoint, this means its use won’t cause any of the liver strain that is normally associated with other oral steroids. This is a huge plus for those who don’t want to inject their performance-enhancing substances, and makes taking these chemicals more convenient and comfortable. However, this added comfort and ease comes at a cost. Namely, a huge drop in bioavailability.


Bioavailability is another term used for how much of the active chemical is absorbed into the body and used to produce its effect. In this case, it means a rise in muscle protein synthesis with a concurrent drop in protein breakdown and a rise in red blood cell production.


In other words, a lower bioavailability means that you’d need to take more of the Testosterone Undecanoate capsules to get the same benefit as a lower amount of its injectable form.


So, how much more is absorbed?


Well, the bioavailability of injectable Testosterone is usually around 95%. Meanwhile, the bioavailability of the testocaps would stand at around 7%. This is because the active chemical is absorbed through the small intestines and through the lymphatic system, as opposed to directly into the muscle tissue.


As a result, a far higher amount of the capsulated form of the compound will be necessary for those using the capsules to elicit a performance or physique boosting effect. For experienced users, it may even be too mild to. Below, we look at a few ways someone could include these Testosterone Undecanoate tablets into a diet and what their best use could be.

How To Use Andriol Testocaps in Bodybuilding?

Also commonly known by its brand name Restandol, these capsules were mainly used for clinical purposes. Namely, for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, TRT, or for those suffering with a deficiency in the hormone.


However, there are some Andriol Testocaps benefits for those who are using the product in order to improve muscle mass or strength.


Firstly, as stated above, taking these tablets are far more convenient and comfortable than taking their injectable counterparts. They also don’t last very long in the body. While this means that users would need to take more of the chemical throughout a given course, it also means the item is harder to detect in drug testing. This is because there is a more limited window in which the substance is detectable for tests.


This can be a major perk of using Andriol Testocaps in bodybuilding in divisions that test for substance use. While the shortest injectable form of this hormone has a half-life of around 48 hours, this product would only have a half-life of a few hours.


However, repeated dosing should help maintain a more stable level of the chemical in the bloodstream for around a day.


Other than its convenience, the majority of the Andriol 40 mg Testocaps advantages are the same as those found in other forms of Testosterone, including:


  • Increased rate of muscle and strength development
  • Increased force and power capacity
  • A rise in work capacity
  • Greater rate and magnitude of recovery from training
  • Greater mood and quality of life if used to treat deficiency


Below, we look at how you’ll need to administer this in order to get the above perks and minimize potential side effects.

Andriol 40 mg Capsules Administration and Dosage

Before you look to purchase Andriol Testocaps 40 mg capsules, or any product on this website, it is important to understand how to take the item in order to reap the full benefits of its use.


As mentioned earlier, the Andriol dosage needed for aesthetic or performance athletes will be much bigger than that of injectable versions of the chemical.


Common recommendations for an average phase of substance use would be between 400 to 500 mg per day. This would equate to roughly 10 to 13 capsules per day. For more experienced users, a greater amount, or concurrent supplementation with a stronger agent may be required on top of this.


In contrast to other oral preparations, the above doses should be taken with a meal that is high in fat too. This is due to its different absorption pathway. Consumption of capsules with a high-fat meal will help slow down digestion and maximize absorption so you can get as much benefit from its use as possible.

Possible Side Effects of Andriol and How To Avoid Them?

While there are some Andriol side effects possible with the high use needed for performance or for physical enhancing effects, it should be noted that this is one of the milder agents that can be taken by bodybuilders or athletes.


This is due to the lower absorption of the active chemical and the slower rate of its metabolism. Nevertheless, negative effects commonly associated with any supplementation of testosterone, regardless of its form, can occur with the use of this supplement. These can include:


  • A drop, or cessation in the amount of hormones your body produces naturally
  • Aromatisation of some of the testosterone to estrogen, and associated effects such as water and fat retention, and a slight chance of breast tissue development (gynecomastia) in men
  • Androgenic effects like acne and acceleration of hair loss on those genetically predisposed to the condition
  • Virilizing effects in women, including a deeper voice, increased body hair growth, clitoral enlargement and a change in facial features.


The most common and effective means of lowering the chance of the above occurring, and possibly avoiding them completely, is firstly to manage the amount you’re taking. So, if you feel any of the above issues coming on, particularly if you’re a female user experiencing any of the final events, you should immediately reduce the amount of the product you’re taking. If this doesn’t stop the above events, or at least reduce their severity, then consider ceasing its inclusion in your diet completely.


Other than that, there are some other agents you can take that will help manage the above events. For example, certain inhibitors and receptor blockers found on this website will provide relief from some of the above issues. Although, the perks of using these items should also be weighed against the potential drawbacks of these chemicals on their own. The added costs should also be factored into your overall consideration. This is particularly the case when you recognise that funding may be limited for many individuals looking to get products off this site.


Nevertheless, while a lower chance of the above occurrences exist with this item, these events should all be considered before you buy Testocaps, so you can take the proper precautions and ensure an enjoyable and effective cycle. 

Package 30 capsules (40 mg/capsule)
Manufacturer MSD
Substance Testosterone Undecanoate
Common name Andriol

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