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What is Tribulus Terrestris (Gokshura) And How to Use It

Tribulus terrestris is a leafy and spiny fruit plant which grows in the Mediterranean area. Originally, Gokshura leaves were used in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine: the administration of the tribulus terrestris extract helped reduce edema, have healthy urinary tract, and improve libido and erectile function.
For several decades, bodybuilders also appreciated the tribulus for its adaptogenic virtues: this plant contributes to help the body's resistance to hide, and in particular optimizes its metabolism when the athlete must provide a significant effort.
In bodybuilding, it is generally used as a cure and it is administrated most of the time in the form of capsules, even if it is also available in powder and sometimes even in infusions. Users have noticed that using it three weeks after a steroids treatment can rebuild testosterone levels at a normal rate, especially when tribulus is administered together with ZMA, a mix of zinc and magnesium. As for the dosage of tribulus terrestris, it varies between 500mg and 1.5 gr, depending on the morphology, the athlete’s experience and goals.


Tribulus Benefits and Positive Effects

Bodybuilders have been using tribulus supplement for a long time to increase their performance, build their body, decrease their total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, and help their testosterone rate rise. In addition to intensified desire, another effect induces greater sperm volume and concentration, and is an effective remedy for men who suffer from testicular atrophy.
In some users, there is also an increase in LH, luteinizing hormone, and a decrease in estrogen levels.
Studies have also shown that taking tribulus pills helps reduce the symptoms of angina pectoris and treat sexual problems such as infertility in some cases.
Some of the tribulus terrestris benefits are to increase the effect of steroids on the body, transform fat and cholesterol into energy, improve protein synthesis and accelerate recovery after muscle exertion.
Bodybuilders who use tribulus terrestris also report that they get more significant results when they combine it with other testosterone stimulating herbs, such as Ashwagandha. This plant significantly increases the level of the androgen hormone by stimulating luteinizing hormone production as well. It also lowers cortisol, the so-called stress hormone, which tends to degrade muscle mass. By limiting the levels of cortisol, tribulus helps increase muscle mass and greatly improves recovery after intense bodybuilding workouts.

Gokshura Dosage And The Best Time To Take It

The recommended tribulus terrestris dosage is generally between 500 mg and 1.5 gr, which corresponds to one to two capsules per day during 20 to 30 days. However, the tribulus dosage for men who exercise a lot can be increased up to six capsules per day: one third of the dosage has to be administered one hour before the training session and two thirds immediately after. On a course of three weeks in total, it can also be administered for two weeks and stopped the last week. Regardless of the dosage of tribulus terrestris, the intake of tribulus should in no case exceed one month.
It has to be said that Gokshura by Himalaya seems to provide the best effects when combined with other supplements or plants: it can be taken with Maca, Ginseng or ZMA. This association makes it possible to fight against deficiencies in magnesium or zinc in particular, which can cause a decrease in the rate of anabolic hormones.
Unlike other stimulants for testosterone, tribulus does not prevent sleep and can safely be taken in the evening or at bedtime. This is especially the best time to take it when combined with ZMA, the latter helping to improve sleep in general.

Tribulus Terrestris Side Effects

Generally speaking, no Gokshura side effects are felt when the plant is taken in short periods of time and when the user is in good health. No interaction with another plant or supplement has been observed.
The most common tribulus terrestris side effects are increased irritability and nervousness, a decrease in sleep, which is related to the rise in testosterone.
On the other hand, in particular circumstances, more severe negative effects of tribulus can be observed. For example, in people who follow a diabetes treatment, taking tribulus terrestris pills from the Himalayas can lower their blood glucose levels at a dangerously low rate. As it can interact with drugs, it is also strongly recommended not to use tribulus with patients who take a treatment for blood pressure or heart, calcium channel blockers, diuretics or nitrates.
In rare cases, the product can cause a risk of injury to the eye, liver or have negative effects on the prostate, but this mainly concerns people who have taken too large doses of tribulus terristris pills from Himalaya or continued to take them beyond the recommended duration.

How To Buy Online?

Since it is not considered as a doping product, you can easily buy tribulus terrestris. It is possible to purchase tribulus in pharmacies, but bodybuilders have every interest ordering it online. On our website, it is presented in capsules, a very convenient form of administration, perfectly adapted to the use of bodybuilders. The Gokshura comes from our approved laboratory, which is subject to regular checks. Hence, you can be sure that it has been manufactured in strict respect of the hygiene standards of the profession.

Ordering tribulus terrestris in our online store is very simple: just fill your cart, pay by Western Union or Bitcoin and send us your payment information using the form provided. As soon as the payment is received, the order is shipped and you will receive it within approximately one week if you live in Europe, or a couple of weeks if you are in the rest of the world. And if your order has been lost or damaged during transportation, it is covered by our reshipping policies and we will send you the undelivered or broken articles.

Package 60 capsules
Manufacturer Himalaya Herbal
Substance Gokshura
Common name Tribulus Terrestris

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