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MR-PHARMA Anadrol 50mg/tab

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Anadrol represents perhaps the apex of all offseason items and is used to great effect by aesthetically minded trainees and those taking part in competitive power based scenarios alike.

Consider making the choice to acquire this product if you’re looking for the best means of acquiring huge surges in size within the most minimal time frame humanly possible – that’s where this item specialises and sets itself apart from even the likes of dianabol as an incomparable means of acquiring voluminous mass.

Anadrol 50mg Tablets: Steroid Profile

Anadrol 50mg pills will likely provide the most “bang” for your buck out of all the anabolic agents, though they will only match the mindset of certain individuals.

Whilst they yield dramatic advancement in size, this size is going to be a combination of fat, water and muscle. It’s hard to discern the exact percentages of each component, but on the whole, it is actually possible to gain between 20 – 30 lbs within a 4–6 week time frame when using drol.

Anadrol tablets will definitely suit the needs of those wanting to perform “hard” gain cycles whereas they adopt a somewhat reckless approach to their muscle gain and produce maximal size (in all its forms) rapidly before then cutting down.

They will however, not suit the “strategically” minded individual who only wishes to gain in a progressive manner. Ultimately, how much unwanted excess you gain whilst using a product of this type will largely rely on your nutritional practices as opposed to purely the compound itself, but it’s safe to say that even those with the most stringent approach on a bulk would find it difficult to keep excess fat levels to a minimum.

It’s also worth noting that with great power comes great responsibility; there is a large risk of side effects manifesting, and they are going to be of a particularly harsh nature when using this compound.

Always weigh up the pros and cons before taking the leap and acquiring legal anabolic steroids for sale of this nature – they’re going to be fairly challenging to “handle.”

How To Take Anadrol Tablets? 

Anadrol dosages vary from person to person and are dependent entirely on experience levels – a beginner, for instance, would need to stick with the minimum dose whereas advanced users would implement it in much higher quantities.

Regardless of any compound you may have used previously, be wary that you only adhere to the minimum dose when integrating a new compound for the first time as you’ll have no idea what your tolerance levels are like.

Typically, the anadrol 50 dosage ranges are: 

  • 25 mg per day for beginners
  • 50 mg per day for intermediate level users
  • 75 - 100 mg max for advanced users

Intakes falling within any of the above categories will yield favourable anadrol benefits, with the middle range being the most commonly ingested for many individuals. Only highly advanced users would ingest more than this.

The side effects of anadrol will increase along with dosage – please keep this in mind if you’re planning an advanced cycle.

Benefits Of Anadrol Tablets

Whilst negative sides are associated with this item, the benefits of anadrol 50 mg tablets are immense and include:

  • Vastly improved recovery rate
  • A vastly improved anabolic capacity
  • Vastly improved strength output

These anadrol positive effects will all tie in perfectly with the goals of those who wish to optimise their aesthetics and performance in the off-season, and they will benefit power athletes tremendously too.

If you’re looking for oral steroids for sale with a credit card, then make Valkyrie your one stop shop for anadrol 50mg tablets and all other related supplementary items including cycle therapy agents and supportive steroids to use as part of a wider stack.

We guarantee optimum results and safety at all times.

Package 50 tablets (50 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxymetholone
Common name Anadrol, Anapolon

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